"Don't run out of airspeed'
ideas, and altitude all at the
same time"

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       See some Screenshots
Sardinia 1941 released
Sicily, N.Tunisia released

     Alaska  Bush Flying for CFS2
        Phase 1 released
       See some Screenshots

      Vietnam for CFS2
     released and added to daily

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                Welcome to the FREE FLIGHT SITE dedicated to keeping the flight sim enthusiast
        abreast of the latest and greatest add-ons available in today's virtual world of flightsimulation.

                                          The home of Corsica and Italy 1941 for CFS1

                                               Your one stop shop for WW1 for CFS2
                                                     Alaska Bush Scenery for CFS2

                                                              Vietnam for CFS2
                  Vietnam For CFS2 has been released with additions and missions 
           The best thing ever for CFS2 in 16 years and we are adding more almost daily
                                     75m  Elevated mesh Terrain of Southeast Asia
                             With over 30 missions and 3 Campaigns
, more coming                                                                                             
                      An actual historical representation of Airfields, Lz's and more

           Fly all the great Aircraft and Helicopters of the era in free flight or missions
                                     Vietnam, Thailand , Cambodia, Laos and more
          Based on Al Simms Original Scenery for Fs2002 and is expanding from there.
         presently featuring 68 helo LZ's and 32 landing strips with many more to come

     We welcome any scnery designers and mission writers willing to help with the project

** The required Initial Scenery, setup instuctions, missions and more Downloads can be found here

** The required and optional Aircraft and Chopper Downloads can be found on CFS2 AC page 7, 8 and 9

** Add on Scenery that is not required but expands the project for future missions or FreeFlight 

** Add on GSL Scenery Objects, AI Aircraft and more can be found here 

** Updated Viet mission files and more can be found here      

** We now have a Developers page for those that want to help out or offer your input on the project

** Take a look at some of our early screen shots of our project here, more to come as time permits

                                              Why We All Stand During the National Anthem

                                       for what ever reason
                                                      If you do not.. you are on the wrong web site


      We are the site for CFS1Collectors looking for the best ever offered; both old and new.....

      This site is updated daily so check back often.  
Hubbabubbas Corner
    * If you are new to flight simulation ; Please see our Newcomers Section at the top of the side bar
       on the left for information and links you may be looking for. Scroll down and find forums filled
          with members that are more than willing to help and offer advice.

    * The Vista,Win7,Win8 Win10, Joystick Fix for CFS1
         Ultimate fix for Running CFS1 in Vista, Win7, Win 8 or Win 10 easy install
         By Hubbabubba with a little help from some friends. here

    SITE NEWS*************

       * We are Very proud to Host Our latest artist and contributor:
           Please check out Captain Kurt's CFS2 page..Here


       * Silver Wings for FS2004 now available here

       * We are Very proud to Host Our latest artist and contributor:
           Please check out Allens Stuff for CFS2 ..Here

 * Vietnam Air War for CFS2 featuring 30 missions, 75mm mesh and more has been
           released and updated  almost daily  here

       * Additions to our design section are exploding, hard to find stuff, we have it here 


     * Alaska Scenery for CFS2 "Bush Flying" has been released see here
          Land, Float and helo sceneries with much more to come......

      *Our Rating System is from 1 thru 4 stars; compared to a 1 thru 10 I would say ours would
          be a 6 thru 10 comparison. (non-tested are stated as such), based on the old scale, we do not
          post anything we would rate a 5 or below." We do our our best to save you the search time"

      Releasing a new product, send us your news !!

Microsoft Announces FS2020.......................................................
       Here is a brief article about the new introduction.........................

      We are happy to be the exclusive host of  FSRail for CFS1, CFS2 and FS2000. Add moving
        Trains , autos and more to your sceneries.
Now Freeware

      Notice: This site does its best to insure all credit is given to the original authors.
      If for any reason our credits may be incorrect , partial or other, please contact us.

        New panels on page 3
        New A6 Intruder panel with 360 degree views for CFS2 **** Here
        Including an assortment for CFS1, CFS2 , FS2004 and more...
        Find more Panels in the CFS1 WW1, CFS2 WW1 sections

       * We are very proud to host " smilos Place" for CFS1, his AR196A-3 and more
       * We are very proud to host the " Ivan Collection" the best CFS1 aircraft ever published.
       * We are very proud to host " Hubbabubbas Collection" for CFS1, tutorials and more

       * We are very proud to host the" Knifemaker Collection" aircraft for CFS2.
       * We are very proud to host " The New DV Slats page for CFS2 " for CFS2.  

       * We are very proud to host " Allen Downeys Stuff " for CFS2.  
       * CFS2 Vietnam War Aircraft and helos collection  Here
updated almost daily
       * Our BF109 collection is one of the best ever for CFS2 Here
       * Aircraft Golden Wings, (see Golden Wings 2004 on the side bar)

     * CFS1 Starter Package and more
       * CFS2 Starter Package and more for WWI

     * CFS2 original Aerocrate aircraft page here
      CFS1 scenery section featuring Corsica and Italy 1941****
      CFS2 , Fs2004 featuring "The Cees Donker Collection"****
      CFS2 scenery section featuring what we think is the best of the best****
      CFS2 scenery section, Bush flying Alaska ... see here

      Golden Wings for FS2004 see here****
        Vietnam for CFS2.... Released and updated
almost daily   

      **********In the Vietnam Air War section*************
        Vietnam Air War {elevated mesh terrain for CFS 2)
        Presently featuring over 68Lz's and 24 air bases with 30 missions, 3 campaigns
        Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and more...download here
      See it all, Headed to the Tonkin Gulf, Da Nang airbase, PTF baseScenery and more
        This project is exploding....... download it and join in..............

       * Vietnam Era aircraft and helos added to CFS2 aircraft  page 7 , page 8 , and 9 updated

        Vietnam Air War for CFS2 Released and updated almost daily
                                 See some screen shots here:    


      In the Corsica and Italy 1941 for CFS1 section****
        Corsica and Italy 1941 {elevated mesh terrain for CFS 1 )
        Corsica , Elba, Northern, Central,
Southern Italy,
Sicily, Sardinia, Pantelleria, Malta
        and Northern Tunisia 
is now ready for download. Missions in the missions section
        This scenery 
features 48 of the most historic airfields and seaports of the period
static scenery representative of the period is scattered thru-out
        Look for more additions soon. Download page here ****

        * Wasp CV-7 carrier task force scenery added by smilo get it here

        Over 36000 hand laid tiles and 560 plus original textures along with over 80 scenery
        specific macros are included in this release.
Check out some screen shots here     Cors Project section here      Download here
        Now including missions in the Mission Section

Over 48 airfields and Seaplane bases are included in this release.

      Alaska  Bush Scenery for CFS2 released : see here  
        Land , Float and Helo locations ( Elevated mesh terrain for CFS 2 )


       * CFS1 utility page 1 , Vista, Win7 and Win8 joystick fix
       * CFS2 utility page 2 , Create exploding objects 

       * FS2004 utility page 4
       * GW3 utilities ( see Golden wings on side bar)

       Add moving rail stock, autos and more to your CFS1, CFS2, fs2000 sceneries

       Installing CFS1 into Vista or Windows 7
      Adding a catapult launch to CFS2 by Tango
      Build a P38 using Gmax or a Cessna in FSDS
      Building Missions with bombs and flak
      Aircraft converting tips and more....
       All the ins and outs of CFS1 by HubbaBubba here

Check each plane download for missions ready to fly!
        Bill Potvins 56th Campaignfor CFS1....
        Korea for CFS2.....We have it.
        Vietnam for CFS2...Over 30 missions and more has been released
        If you are a mission writer and would like to contribute
        for CFS1or CFS2 please contact me, I'll post them here

Corsica and Italy 1941  Elevated Mesh Terrain for cfs1 Project section here 
       Bush flying for CFS2, Mesh terrain, scenery and a different kind of missions

       Project section here

       Vietnam for CFS2 is in the works: phase one released and updated daily
       Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and more...download here

this section is exploding with new additions
      Start creating your own aircraft today for free....

        Start creating your own scenery, we will show you how....
        Now offering design macros for CFS2 and FS2004
        We now have the hard to find stuff, thanks to many of ya'll

      CFS1, CFS2, FS2004 or FSX you can fly with others from around the world
    Tired of flying against the computer ? Stop by the On Line Squad Section and start flying with
     or against others over the internet, they will show you how to do it.

      Everything you need to start flying on line with others from around the world
      Including links to the sites. Bush, Commercial, Helo, Combat and more...........
      CFS1, CFS2, FS2004 or FSX you can fly with others on line at no cost.

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