"If you don't succeed
the first time, then
base jumping is
not for you"




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       Welcome to Hubbabubbas Corner, featuring the outstanding work of Guy Gauvreau
       With a kean eye for detail, you will always find his work a step above of most others

The Vista,Win7,Win8 Joystick Fix

Ultimate fix for Running CFS1 in Vista, Win7 or Win 8, easy install
By Hubbabubba with a little help from some friends.

Download ****       

BF 108B1 Taifun
By Guy Gauvreau aka Hubbabubba
The most accurate plane ever made for CFS1
If you want to fly, feel and hear the real deal
Intended for the flight enthusiast "perfectionniste-pousser"
A 5 star project, but four is as high as we go.

Download ****       

BF108B1 replacement Skins
By Guy Gauvreau
these 2 skins require the Bf108B1 Taifun above
Package includes:
G351 Hungarian with AI plane
RF+AG RLM Liaison with AI plane
Easy installation instructions

Download ****       

AAC Ripe for CFS1
A Masterpiece by Guy Gauvreau
an airfield located in southern England 1943
features active and radio controlled objects
authentic macros designed from actual plans
extensive documentation and instructions
A Must Have For All

Download ****       

Driveable WWII Jeep with 50 cal
by Guy Gauvreau
Fully operational
Stand Alone or multiplayer use
A new way to have fun with CFS1

Download ****       

Driveable WWII Jeep
by Guy Gauvreau
Fully operational
works in both 2d and 3d mode
A new way to have fun with CFS1

Download ****       

Driveable Locomotive
by Guy Gauvreau
Fully operational
works in both 2d and 3d mode
two 20mm cannons
A new way to have fun with CFS1

Download ****       

AAC Fleet Nine Drivable Ships
by Guy Gauvreau
Fully operational
All new special effects
Most are heavily armed
A new way to have fun with CFS1

Download ****       

Refuel Bases for CFS1
by Guy Gauvreau
For all the stock airfields
Must stop within area to be refueled
Can also be used for bombing practice

Download ****       

10 Sopwith Camels
by Guy Gauvreau
for the AAC multiplayer fun games
Reduced collision bubbles
Built in abilty to modify the skins
A new way to have fun with CFS1

Download ****       



How to Have Fun with CFS1
by Guy Gauvreau
As Guy has showed you in the past
what can be done in CFS1 is without limit.
These updated tutorials shows you how.
These are a must have for all designers.

Download Chapter 1         
Modify an MDL file
Additional files here

Download Chapter 2         

Scasm mods

Download Chapter 3         
Color Canvas

Download Chapter 4         
Transparent colors

Download Chapter 5         
The Color Palette

Download Chapter 6         
RGB Coloring

Download Chapter 7         

Download Chapter 7b       
Haze Files



About the author: Hubbabubba aka Guy Gauvreau has been involved in flight simulation for many years.
More than just a great artist, his informative tutorials have taught us how to dig deeper into the workings
of the simulation allowing us to create things once thought not possible.When not flying with the AAC             

he and/or his tutorials can be found on the AAC , SOH


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