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   Welcome to our CFS1Aircraft section page 5, we do our best to sort them out for you in advance.
   When possible background shots are from Corsica and Italy 1941 for CFS1... in the scenery section

BF109 G6-R6 "Bomber Killer"

By Mike Colclough and Gerald Keagan
Panel by David Mulcahy
German Gauge package included
A Unique Aircraft worth collecting           

Download **

FW190A8 - 1943
By Mike Colclough and Gerald Keagan
late war model " bomber intercept"
Panel by David Mulcahy
Gauge package included
Well worth taking a look at.

Download **

Hawker Hart
By Alpha Simulations , freeware version
Fighter, bomber
Serving in the Middle East WWII
Gauge package included

Download ****

Fokker D. XXI
By Rhys Webb and Johan Lemmers
Dutch Fighter 1939,1940
Panel by No Dice
Gauge package included

Rare for CFS1,worth taking a look at.

 Download **

Fokker C.X.
By Wim Regeer
Dutch Fighter bomber 1939,1940
Textures by Arnoud ten Haaft
Panel by No Dice
Gauge package included

Rare for CFS1,worth taking a look at.

 Download ***

SUD-Est SE100B
By Alain Breton
French Prototype Fighter/Bomber 1940
Functioning rear gun turret
Sole CFS1 model that I know of

Download ***                              

Download Panel by No Dice ****

Hawker Hurricane MK IIC
Ground attack-support fighter 1944
Original AFX by John Cooper
Rebuild by Reg Allen
Paint by Reg Allen
Panel by David Mulcahy
Corrected pilot view by David Mulcahy

Download ****      

BR Fiat G55 "Centauro"
Model by Massimo Taccoli
Skins, DP and Air File by Bruno Duffort
Panel Bmp by Phil Perrott
Panel mods for CFS1 by No Dice
Italian Gauge package included

Download ***

P51-B "VFT"
By Reg Allen
Panel by No Dice
includes gauge package
includes dropping long range fuel tanks
This really is a must have !

Download ***

P51-B "WP_Z" Hun Hunter
By Reg Allen
Panel by No Dice
includes gauge package
includes dropping long range fuel tanks
This really is a must have !

Download ***
AI Drone for mission builders

A Real Collectors Item
MSN Gaming Zone P-51 Mustang
By: Microsoft
This Special Edition is for the most part
the original P-51 with some changes to the
Dp and Air files...
Worth adding to your collection.

Download ****

Typhoon Mk1b PRG
by P. Burnage
Rare CFS1 example
Includes seperate AI for mission builders
Air file by Jerry Beckwith
Includes Panel and Gauges

Download ***
see " A Bridge to Far" in the mission section

Mitsubishi A6M5-52
Yusaku Homma
Air ,Skins and Dp by Bruno Duffort
Includes Scasm .mdl
A Nice and rare CFS1 example
Includes gauge and sound file

Download ***

Messeschmitt BF 109E #4
By Microsoft
Textures by PJ Dunbar

Panel mods by No Dice
4 on panel menu switches
Moving yoke, ADF and more

Download ****

Breguet 695B V-2
by Alain Breton
Panel by No Dice
Bomb Site by Scott Flugum
Includes Gauge Package
Sound package by LawDog
a fantastic model for CFS1 hangars

Arado AR196 A3 for CFS1
By milo carbis aka smilo

Over one year in the making
designed and built using AD2000 Freeware
The attention to detail will blow your socks off
For CFS1: the only AR196-3 ever on the web
Fully animated:
Featuring a sliding canopy, animated floats and more
Dp file featuring 36 damage boxes is TG2 ready
Custom sound file includes wave and splash effects

Link to Download ****

LNG P47D US Navy #88
By Microsoft
Nice textures by Longo Mikael
Panel by No Dice
orig bitmap by Sergey Golovachev
gauge and sound pkg included


P40N Warhawk
By Harald Reuter, Reg Allen
Sounds by Steve Gandy
Air File by Bruno Duffort
Skins by Joe Amodea
Panel by P.Casey and Bruno Duffort
gauge pkg included


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