Corsica and Italy 1941
including Sardinia, Elba, Sicily and more

Elevated Mesh Terrain
Corsica and Italy 1941 Scenery ©
for Widows 98, XP, Vista and Windows 7


Take a flight through history over beautiful mountain ranges, wind swept coastlines and
historic locations found no where else on earth.

Corsica , Elba , Italy, Sardinia, Malta, Pantelleria, Northern Tunisia and various other small islands dotted throughout this region of the Mediterranean Theater of Operations
and north thru the Alps matching up and into the default CFS scenery.

Your airport directory will include over 48 historic airfields and seaports. Most Airfields include
communication frequencies and a minimal amount of static scenery. Other static scenery representative
of the period has been lightly sprinkled throughout the mesh.

Many airfields have unmarked refueling areas within or in front of the hangers.

Future static scenery add-ons will be made available individually, allowing each user to tailor
the amount and types of scenery that will best suit their particular application. Look for the
fortrice at Bonifacio, the walled city of San Marino and other add-on scenery's soon.

A variety of CFS missions and adventures are now available (ie:2012} with more coming soon
Thanks to Andrew Swetye for taking on the missions creation project
and bringing this scenery up into an entire new level

This release incorporates over 36,000 hand placed mesh terrain tiles.
560 plus original textures
If you downloaded this scenery prior to 2 -01-12 you may want to update the texture files
Many textures have been reworked for better matching in this release, because of this
after downloading the textures allow them to overide the originals.

I would like to thank Bruno Duffort- Wayne Cline- Aurelio Stoppini for their time , efforts and input
through out the original phase of the project. I have incorporated much of their input into the orignal release.
I thank all my forum friends including Smilo, Ivan, Hubbabbubba, Cees, Lindsay, Minuteman and more for helping me locate some missing
files required to continue this project and attempting to help me overcome some very unexpected problems.

Fully licensed versions of Abacus Airport and Scenery Designer , Paint Shop Pro
FS Design Studio along with Airport 2.10, VOD and EOD have been used to create this scenery.

Find the Corsica and Italy 1941 support forums here:
hosted by the SOH

A scenery map is available below

in order to simplify the download , I have combined all the single releases into one

This Full Release includes
Corsica, Sardinia, Elba, the Alps, Italy ,Sicily, Aeolian Islands, Northern Tunisia, Pantelleria, Malta, expanded Med Sea

Download the below 4 files

Doc Files

Scenery Files

Texture Files

Main Texture Files

Below Files are Fixes, addons ect.

Fix 2 missing textures and 3 bgl files 9-28-12

Fix oversized truck at Malta  2-01-14


Wasp CV7 Carrier task group off  Sardinia
heading to smilo

Follow or contribute your work to this project
See the Project section here

Coming Soon!
More Missions and Adventures with many more sceneries
in order to make your flying more realistic with more moving objects,
historical locations, bush pilot areas and more

This scenery has been downloaded over 10,000 times since its original introduction
in 2001 and I am still improving and adding to it in 2012.

Download map here

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