"Don't run out of airspeed'
ideas, and altitude all at the
same time"

unknown author



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Panels Page 1, Page 2, Page 3           Corsica and Italy 1941for CFS1 Scenery
WW1 Panels...Here                                  in the background shots when possible     

  FW 190 D Panel                     

*CFS1 and CFS2
*Selectable Gunsite
*Selectable ADF and throttle controls
*Gauge Package included
*By David Mulcahy


  Bf 109 Panel

*CFS2 Only
*One of my favorites
*Gauge Package
*By David Mulcahy


  Raf-Spitfire Panel

*CFS2 Only
*Made for Raf Spitfires Plane Project
*Gauge Package
*Modified and adapted by No Dice


SpitFire Panel 1940-1942

*CFS1 or  CFS2
*High res panel by Claude L.
*Gauge Package
*Includes Stick and Controls
*Adaptation by No Dice


  P38 Lightning Panel

*CFS2 Only
*A really great panel
*Gauge Package
*By David Mulcahy


Bf 109E Panel

*CFS1 ( cfs2 version soon)
*High res panel
*Gauge Package
*Original .bmp by Claude L.
*Adaptation by No Dice


Lavochkin LA3,LA5 Panel

CFS1 or CFS2
By David Mulcahy
Russian Gauges by Mopar Mike
Gauge Package included
Included in the "Ivan" LA5


AR196-3 Panel for CFS1
by No Dice

Close to authentic Gauge layout
German gauges
Custom moving yoke
8 on panel toggled pull down menus:
ADf, ADF List, Throttle contols,gun site,ect.

Download ****

Junkers Ju87 "Stuka" Panel
*CFS1 or  CFS2
*High res panel
*Gauge Package
*Includes Stick and Controls
*By No Dice


  Raf-Diablo B25 Panel

*CFS2 Only
*Made in the name of Raf-Diablo for all of the
  help he offered me in the early days of CFS1
*Gauge Package/multi views/for stock B25
*By David Mulcahy


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