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   Welcome to our FS2004 Aircraft section , we do our best to sort them out for you in advance.
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                    Bug Fix By Paul Opizzato: Fixes the can not load gauge problem on some AC****

Beech Model 18 Volpar
by Brian Gladden
Multiple skins included
Nice V-cockpit, multi functions
a true amphibian

Download ****

DHC-2 Beaver Amphibian
By Steven Grant
Panel and gauges by Fred Banting
Sound by Aaron Swindle
In VIVA skins, see website at bottom of page
A real Beauty

Download ****

Beech D18S Amphibian
By Milton Shupe, S. Thomas, A.Folkers, U. Burkhat
In Passenger and Cargo configurations and skins
An amazing historically correct panel
Includes special effects, auto or manual install
Nothing left to ask for.............

Download****    5 stars but four is our highest rating

Cessna 195 "ShakeyJake"
By Joe Binka
Float, Tundra, Wheelpants and stock versions
2D and nice VC panel
Special effects included

Download ***

DH Super Otter
by Eugenne Heyart
loaded and unloaded versions
Nice Panel
Great Flight dynamics

Download ****

DH 80A Puss Moth Ski version
by Milton Shupe, S. Thomas, T. Falley
Sounds by Mike Hambly
Skin by D. Radice
Folding wings and more

Download ***

Fairchild 24 W Bubble Cowling on floats
By William Ortis
Panel by Eliezer Rice
Multi skins by Leon Louis
a very nice animation package

Download ****

DHC_3 PZL Amphibian
by Eugene Heyart
nice custom panel and gauges
includes multi skins
multi animations and VC
A really nice package

Download ****

DHC_3 PZL Tundra Tires
by Eugene Heyart
nice custom panel and gauges
includes multi skins
multi animations and VC
A really nice package

Download ****

Beech 17DS Staggerwing on Floats
by Simtech Flight Design
Incudes 6 skins 1936-1939
Nice panel and gauge package
Repainters kit included
Extensive documentation and instructions

Download ****

Lake Turbo Renegade 270 Amphibian
by Seawolf Design Group
includes 6 skins
animated pilot and doors
extensive documentation

Download ***

Dornier SeaStar 9
by Premier Aircraft Design
includes 3 skins, animated doors
Dynamic VC w/gauge package
Nice sound Package

Download ***

Aviat A-1B Husky w/ floats
by Steven Grant
a very nice representation
detailed cockpit and VC
Really fun to Fly

Download ***

Republic RC-3 "SuperBee" 1947
by Premier Aircraft Design
Dynamic VC w/gauge package
Nice sound Package
Nice Animations

Download ***

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