"Don't run out of airspeed'
ideas, and altitude all at the
same time"

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  What makes CFS1 and 2 so great is how much you can add under the open format !
  This is the CFS1 Utility page              Find the CFS2 Utility page here           Find the FS9 Utility page here
Win7 Fix Quick Fix for getting CFS1 and joystick to work in Windows 7 ***
Ultimate fix
Ultimate fix for Running CFS1 in Vista, Win7 or Win 8, easy install ****
By Hubbabubba with help from friends.
1% aircraft The 8 flyable AC in 1% format, self installing. by the 714 group****
FSRail FS Rail allows you to add moving trains and autos to your scenery****
Blue Sky Replaces the purple sky in CFS1: by Iain Murray ****
Set Class Allows you to land on water in CFS1: by Bill Potvin ****
Set Scale Scale up Add on Aircraft to a more acurate size : by Bill Potvin ****
Set Dp Scale up the dp file for use with setscale above : by Bill Potvin ****
Clouds Add Clouds to your CFS1 sky line **
FSC98 FS Clouds and weather for FS98, I would be interested in seeing if anyone
gets them to work in CFS1, please let me know.
CFS1dp Add CFS2 style damage effects to CFS1 planes: by Ray Wells ****
CTXUMDL Texture file converter, a must have for repainters by Keith Bedford ****
Planecopy Make dupilcates of CFS1 aircraft before you mess with'm by Jerry Beckwith ****
Mev300 Cfs1 mission creator by Cor Dirkland (see tutorial section ) ****
CHMISSAC Make changes to a CFS1campaign or mission file by Keith Bedford ***
Head On Gets rid of the unrealistic "to close bubble" in CSF1 ****
CFSMoon Add a moon to your CSF1 skyline **
Rivers Enhanced river texture **
TwoTrack Replaces the CFS1single rail track with a better looking 2 track ***
Cfme2 Stand alone mission creator for CFS1 by Keith Bedford ****
Damedit Damage profile editor for CFS1 by Hans Egebo ***( windows 98 only)
Dped Blue Print style Dp Editor for CFS1 and CFS2 by Yusaku Homma ****
AIRED Edit Air Configuration Files by William Roth ***
AutoCamp Arrange your CFS1 missions into a campaign by Andrew Heebner ***
Multi Swap Swapout CFS1missions to fly in multi-player mode by Neil Park ***
OBJ LIB Exploding objects for CFS1 mission writers ***
CFS1 maps CFS1 airports and cities maps, a must have ****
Tailgunner Allows for function of CFS1 tail gunner in multiplay**
Stacfs4 A simple scenery object placement tool By Chuck Dome***
BerlinFlak Adds a deadly flak layer over Berlin by Steve McClelland ***
LonFlak Adds a deadly flak layer over London by Steve McClelland ***
FlakSnds Enhanced flack sounds for CFS1 ***
SearchLights Adds Moving search lights to the coasts of France, Belgium, Holland
and NE Germany from dusk to dawn. By Arno Brooks **
New HUD Updates the HUD to include actual heading, tailhok position and more ***
Quick Combat Allows for add-on aircraft in quick combat CFS1 and 2 ****
 XPMDLFIX MDL repair utility for Windows XP. Fixes the "Flight Model can not be displayed"
encountered in many aircraft in CFS1 and CFS2 using Windows XP. ****
American Enhanced Pilot Radio Chatter****
German Enhanced Pilot Radio Chatter****
British Enhanced Pilot Radio Chatter****
Japanese Enhanced Pilot Radio Chatter****
Fire_land Enhanced Fire and smoke for Land Objects by Louieg***
Fire_ships Enhanced Fire and smoke for Ship Objects by Louieg***
Fire_Air Enhanced Fire and smoke for Stock Aircraft by Ray Wells***
VB_6 run VB_6 runtime required for many of the utilities for CFS1****
Airfield NDB Non-Directional beacons for stock Airfields ; by Bill Potvin****
 Lit Gauges All the CFS1 Stock gauges back lit for night flying, by Milo Carbis ****
NoGunSite Removes the stock gun site from your screen, by Chuck Dome ***
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