"Don't run out of airspeed'
ideas, and altitude all at the
same time"

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Sardinia 1941 released
Sicily, N.Tunisia released

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        Phase 1 released
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                               Welcome to our FS Rail section for CFS1, CFS2, FS2000 and FS2002
                     Add Moving and Static Trains, Autos and more to Your Flightsim Scenery                                 
               Also allows you to create elevated micromesh into to your FS2000 and CFs2 sceneries
                                                         By Burkhard Renk

                                                           A Free Flight Site Exclusive
          Thank you Burkhard for this Freeware release, Please take a look at his other great programs below.

Introduction Information and rolling stock catalog
intended to give you a basic idea of the program prior to download
you will need this later anyway.

in English  

in German           

         Demo Version If you just want to try it out before making the big downloads
      Install instructions Download this before going any further ****
Download 1 
Download 2

Download 3

Download 4

Download 5
Download 6

Download 7

Download 8

Download 9 Not required

Most of the Textures


Community add-ons
adding your own trains to FSRail is easy, see the documentation.
We will feature 3rd party additions here.
Send us your new trains, textures ect. we will post them.

Over 1600 macros are included in FsRail
You can cover the entire world with them !.

Your Rail Sceneries
Send us your sceneries and we will post them.
More than just rails:
Boats and more, simply make the rails invisible
Now you have moving AI objects.

Fictional Test Scenery
The Chunnel has been replaced with the Channel Bridge
Made for FS2000, but contains all required textures so
should be able to work in CFS1 or CFS2
Includes FSRail Source File for learning purposes

Download **

FSRail Alaska fs2000
by Bob Langendorfer

I have located the original Source files for FS2000
for this 1500 mile scenery, they may be able to be converted
into CFS1, CFS2 or FS2K2, Let me know if you want them
Please contact me: dea14u@aol.com

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