Military 20,858,500
          Civilian 27,372,900
          Total 48,231,700
        may we never forget


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Sardinia 1941 released
Sicily, N.Tunisia released

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        Phase 1 released
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    "to those we have lost"


                           Welcome to our"Fight for Flight" School Teaching Program
                 CFS1 and CFS2 Flight Simulation In Schools, as a teacher, you can believe in it.
                 As a student you will learn about computer programing, 2d and 3d model design,
       Creating  high res graphics for scenery, the math to create air foil and damage profiles and more
Your research will teach you the history of flight, WWII historic people and campaigns that shaped the
world we live in today. Above all, the team work it takes to create a plane with a mission and the scenery
               required to fly over an historical backdrop; all allowing you to become the next teachers.
                      It is important that we never forget, otherwise history will simply repeat itself


Recreate history through your research; what happened,
what could have happened, what if this/or that happened.
Based on microsoft .xml format you can recreate history
and then visualise your historical re-creation on your screen.

Much more than just your regular history class, it's real time.

Math vs Design
Creating aircraft, scenery objects or effects; all require math
Take basic measurements, angles and offsets to a new level.
Many of the FREE design programs on this site include very
helpfull tutorials; But you will have to understand some math.

Build it, Create it and then fly in or over it  Visual math is Cool !

Design vs Art
Creating the scenery you fly over takes in all of the above plus
learning Latitude and Longitude (like gps) and elevation maps.
Then taking your upright canvas picture and turning it into an
overhead view of 360 degrees based on real time elevation.

Now start at sea level and fly to 10000 feet and view your work.


Team Work
Much like the crews of the famous B-17 Flying Fortress Bombers,
No single airman was more important than any other. They flew ,
fought and often died as a team.
Assemble your team of designers, researchers, artists, programmers,
and testers today. Start recreating history, while testing and building
upon the skills you are most interested in learning. It's more than Fun!
It could be your future ....................


Missions and Adventures
Now that you have researched, designed and created your new
world, it is time check it all out with some missions or adventures.
Anything from recreating the first flight at Kiity Hawk or following
the path of Amelia Earhart, to the first flights of  WWI or the final
attacks of WWII; you have earned it...so go fly it with pride.

Missions are easy to create with any of the Free utilities we offer.


Ever wished you could make more than a few programs work together
in order to achieve a common goal or how to make an older program
function in the latest OS format ? No need to look any farther...........

Members from around the world are willing to share their knowledge

    The Learning Never Stops Check out Guys' Tutortials, he never stops amazing me
   WWII Death Toll by Country 48 million 231 thousand 700; may we never forget
Thats people, not $ , Never allow history to repeat itself.

         A word or two from Me

     Do not waste your talent
 doing stupid stuff on the street

             Re-create history
 let me post your projects here

CFS1and CFS2 Flight simulator were created in an open GS format,
allowing all to add and create additions to the simulation.
In Fact, you can create your own country or area not included
in the original, your own aircraft, ships, missions and scenery
that may represent your area of interest in our world history.

Review the selections on the side bar to the left and see what
you can be creating, learning or teaching . Why not start now.

  or take a look at our FS Design section and get started now !

                                   This site is © Copyright Free Flight Site 2019 All Rights Reserved