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                              Welcome to smilos Place, featuring the outstanding work of  milo carbis
                                                           and his all new AR196 A3 project for CFS1

Arado AR196 A3 for CFS1
By milo carbis aka smilo
Over one year in the making
designed and built using AD2000 Freeware
The attention to detail will blow your socks off
For CFS1: the only AR196-3 ever on the web
Fully animated:
Featuring a sliding canopy, animated floats and more
Dp file featuring 36 damage boxes is TG2 ready
Custom sound file includes wave and splash effects

The attention to detail includes the guts of the aircraft
rarely and/or seldom seen in CFS1 aircraft.

Click on image to enlarge

Pilot seat, yoke, peddles
radio box, center bulkhead
observers map table,
gunners seat
detailed TG2 ready rear gun
throttle quadrant and more

Includes a Custom Panel
2 Panel .cfg versions , 1024 and Wide screen included
Custom gauges
Custom moving yoke
Removeable gun site
Multiple on panel pull down menus:
ADF, ADF List, Throttle controls,
GPS, Auto Pilot and more
All required files included

Please see extensive readme files for credits


A five star project but 4 is as high as we go



Optional AR196 Panel
by No Dice

Close to authentic Gauge layout
German gauges
Custom moving yoke
8 on panel toggled pull down menus:
ADF, ADF List, Throttle controls,gun site
and much more

Download ****
  Other Creative works by smilo:

CV-3 Saratoga ( updated 3-01-13)
By milo carbis aka smilo
Straight deck landable Carrier off Pearl Harbor
Includes landing instructions
Please see extensive credits and more


Wasp CV-7 carrier task force    NEW from milo
By milo carbis aka smilo
In the Mediterranean off of Sardinia headed to Malta
Intended to work with Corsica and Italy scenery here
Includes CFO lite and instructions
Look for missions soon


           Back Lit Gauges All the CFS1 Stock gauges back lit for night flying, by smilo****

PJ's Update
by PJ Dunbar

Install instructions by smilo
includes All New textures for the original CFS1 aircraft
includes a Paris Landmarks update

Download ****

              Set ClassList
Land on Water in CFS1, also see  Set Class here

About the author: smilo is a long time flightsim enthusiast and a true CFS1 diehard.
When not working on another creation or flying with the AAC he can normally be            

found on the AAC , SOH helping out some poor soul that can't
get something in the sim to work the way they think it should.


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