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    April 18th, 2015, 09:49
    Unlike the others, the markings seem basically correct. On this one it's the base color that's completely wrong. It's gray, when all real F3Fs were silver, at least until the advent of camouflage. The other screenies show markings that make the planes appear to have been made up of pieces of several different aircraft glued together in some kind of Frankenliveries. Then there's the ones that paint the plane in the markings of squadrons that never flew the type, like VF-7, which only flew the very different looking -1 version, with its completely different nose, tail and cockpit enclosure. Did they paint it in Army colors this time? Last time they even painted it in Army colors! You'd think a payware publisher would feel some sort of obligation to get it right, but...
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    April 18th, 2015, 04:48
    Just saw their promo video and the screenies above, and can't help noticing that, so many years after their first effort, they still haven't made any effort to produce authentic paint jobs. There were certainly plenty of squadrons that flew the type, and their liveries are thoroughly documented in photos, many in color. The markings system was simple and also well-documented. All the information is readily available from multiple easily-accessed sources. Apparently they just couldn't be bothered using it. How lazy is that?! Sad.
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    April 13th, 2015, 04:37
    It also occurs to me that a complete re-texturing would've rendered the AlphaSims paint kit useless for those who plan to paint the later models that Shessi is planning. Unfortunately for me at present, the paint kit is of no use for the early models, as it doesn't provide for silver airplanes or yellow wing tops, but it will probably be very useful when it's time to paint wartime and post-war -5As and -6As.
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    April 12th, 2015, 05:14
    I know nothing about building or mapping models, so I can't answer why that wasn't done in the beginning. If it was done now, weeks of intensive work on the textures would be lost, and I don't think I could come up with the time or the motivation to start over right away. I'm sure I would in time, but not right away. It would probably not be until next winter, since we're already into the time of year when I try to spend as little time as possible indoors and especially at my desk. I don't stop doing hobby stuff completely during the warm seasons, but I cut back drastically compared to what I might do in the wintertime. As it is, there is still a lot of work to do before any paints will be ready, and a lot more before they'll all be ready. But things are coming along steadily...
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    April 10th, 2015, 14:47
    Painting the round-tailed Cats reminded me of something I found rather annoying when I painted the original AlphaSims -5 and -5A last year. The texture files are not square, or in any proportion that FS works with, and the result is that images on the texture files are stretched or compressed when they go on the model in the sim. That has the effect of turning roundels into ovalels, making code letters and numbers look like they were applied in the wrong font, and so on. One must stretch or compress anything going onto the textures in order to have them look right on the model in the sim. I know I'm not the only one who'll be painting Shessi's Cats, especially after he gets to the later versions. So, for the edification of other painters, here's the math: Anything on the wings...
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    April 5th, 2015, 05:57
    I don't know about a limit, but in my previous confuter I found that when the list got long, adding new scenery in the usual way resulted in FS9 badly scrambling the scenery.cfg file, resulting in scenery not showing up, FS failures to load, CTDs and all sorts of troubles. I don't know at just what point that started happening, but I suspected it was when the number of entries reached triple figures. Maybe the number of entries wasn't really the cause of the cfg scrambling, but I can't imagine what else it might have been. All I know is that every time I added a scenery area, I ended up having to fix the scenery.cfg file after FS messed it up. Anyway, I got into the habit of adding scenery areas manually. That can also result in errors, but one's own errors are within one's...
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    April 3rd, 2015, 05:38
    I've mainly used FSG freeware mesh for years and been pleased with it, but I can't compare it to anything else because I've almost never tried anything else. The single exception was early on, when I tried some mesh that I'm pretty sure (not certain) was by Raimondo Taburet, and it was incompatible with the corrected waters of FREEflow New England - I had lakes hanging on mountainsides at crazy angles. I can't say that FSG is perfect - it probably isn't (what is?) but at least my mountains are steep, located properly in relation to lakes, rivers and coastlines, and my lakes and rivers are flat. As for having different levels of detail in different paces, definitely yes. You'll want the highest detail you can get in your local area, where you're familiar with every little hillock and...
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