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    Su-7 Port-Over Project

    Afternoon all, a long time lurker here, with an idea/request for those more experienced than I.

    I recently discovered the developer Mehlin Rainer (five years later than everyone else) and really liked the look of his Sukhoi models for fs2004, the Su-7 and the Su-22, although only released in Beta form.

    The external models, including the glass and effects, work well, and the flight model is excellent. However, the virtual cockpits rely on old gauges and generate a string of errors when the aircraft are loaded.

    I tried to comment in some replacement (alphasim) gauges to the panel.cfg file, but to no avail. Could someone with a better idea of what they are doing, and a good knowledge of freeware Russian gauges give it a look? I don't have a lot of time to be learning new things at the moment.

    The Su-7 BETA_2 is available on avsim:

    The Su-22 is more difficult to find, but I can find a link if someone is interested/ allowed to develop it.

    And on that note, is editing freeware without permission of the original developer above board? It looks like Rainer put a lot of work into these models and I wouldn't want to be undermining him at all.

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    I always thought this model had a lot of potential but as noted, nothing really ever came of it. Any move to convert it to FSX standard would be most welcome.


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    I love this model myself in FS9, although it flys like a real SOB, cant help feeling there must have been a lot of training accidents in the real world with this bird, i still struggle to find the right landing configuration, its not very forgiving, get it slightly wrong and you drop to the ground like a stone, good luck with your project, like you say, its only seem to need re-gauging, the Su-22 is still ongoing, all be it slowly, Mr Rainer still occasionally posts in the FS9 forum so maybe dropping him a PM for advice or permission.

    cheers ian

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    Unfortunately, Ian, I don't have the right programs, and definitely not the right skills to complete this project. I have seen re-gauging projects on here and on other flight sim sites, and I wondered whether one of these gurus of gauges would give either the Su-7 a look, or the Su-22.

    The Su-22 is missing fewer gauges and is available (Again in beta form,) as the last dropbox download on this thread.
    I am not by my PC at the moment, but as I recall this one only needs a fuel gauge, an AI, and a speedometer to be spot on as all the caption lights work well already (I think,).

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