Inspired by A2A Piper Cherokee
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Thread: Inspired by A2A Piper Cherokee

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    Inspired by A2A Piper Cherokee

    Just completed - almost...I still need to add some panel lines around the cowling.
    From Guillow - built over the last week or so.

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    final - with all the bits n pieces

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    working on a new build...something without a prop this time.
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    Inspired by A2A Piper Cherokee

    Hallo Heywooood,

    I remember from good old model flying times the Guillow's models to be "paper" or "fabric covered.
    Looking to your models it seems to me that you "skinned" them with fine balsa. Did you have weight problems for flying them?

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    hi michaelvader -
    I have attached links to the build threads where I have depicted how the models were built using the balsa 'in fill' method I first saw another modeler describe.
    Search the name : Dave Duckett at virtual aerodrome or at the Guillows site I have linked above to see his work also.

    These models are for display only as I have built them. The objective was to see how well the Guillows kits were executed wrt to scale appearance in overall form, and then to augment them with scale details and
    modest enhancements.

    This last model is NOT a Guillows product - the F/A 18c is from Today's Hobbies
    I hope this helps. Please check the links or browse the Guillow modelers forum for more information and photo's
    enter..the Sandman

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    Latest build

    From Today's Hobbies - the Phantom

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    It took a couple of months to get 'er done..

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    GREAT WORK,I've always wanted to scratch build,but with my issues,I end up struggling,then get frustrated and toss it all.ive drawn very detailed plans for building tanks,trucks,and HO and 120.3 scale railroads,but gave up once construction began.

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    Hi Dave - and thank you for your encouragement!
    Don't worry - I have purchased and started a lot more projects than I have finished for the same reasons as you.

    Sometimes my eyes have been bigger than my plate..or whatever that expression is, so I had to learn the hard way (several times) to start small with a project I know I can stick with - and
    take it as far as possible, rather than take on something big and hope to hang with it.

    The balsa model outlet is great for me because I can find virtually any subject matter (it's kind of a golden age for these kit mfgs just as it is for flight simulation) and these planes are of a scale
    you just cannot find in the plastic kits. Using the infill method and a ton of sandpaper, a modeller can create a fairly nice representation of the full scale aircraft.

    I am not as talented as many out there who really go all out but I think what I create from these kits is a decent model that satisfies my own interest and abilities..such as they are.

    The newest one on the table now is a real challenge - the F-14A Tomcat. This is a big and complex air frame and will push me to my limits I think.
    enter..the Sandman

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    Nice stuff,I've been working on some RC trucks one in 1/10 th which is a keep,and a 1/14 th big rig with a flat bed trailer.the truck and trailer are kits,and the jeep is a "build up " of after market parts to to build up the hard plastic keep having fun with them but it's taking forever lol.

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    I built up a couple of Tamiya R/C offroad trucks - Blackfoot and the Beetle - for friends who bought them and needed help...they have a lot of bits n pieces to them.

    In your thread on this page I can see these kits are much more involved than those were.

    In my case I found one or two helpful youtube vids that allowed me to see what the instruction sheets failed to properly illustrate.
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    WIP - for an idea of the scale. the monitor is 25" wide exactly...

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    wing fences are in place - tail cones for the PW engines (A) model - Phoenix missile racks - cockpit interior sidewalls and bulkheads are skinned much to do, so little time
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    still a ways to go, panel lines, missiles, other bits n pieces..

    enter..the Sandman

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