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    Quote Originally Posted by Navy Chief View Post
    Personally, I would like to see a scenario involving the attack on Grenada. I was there, onboard the Indy, with VA-15! NC

    Here is a link that I found interesting , depicting almost all the events of the conflict:

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    Quote Originally Posted by trowelmaster View Post
    Here is a link that I found interesting , depicting almost all the events of the conflict:
    Interesting article. One event of Urgent Fury that was not mentioned, was a accidental bombing of a hospital. There were at least 12 civilian casualties. It happened because the hospital was in an area where U .S. troops were taking fire. The hospital was not marked as a hospital. It was the commanding officer of my squadron, VA-15, that dropped the ordnance on it. NC

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    In my own experience - before the major ops - we were down near Grenada, doing our survey. We were promised air support (yeah, right). We were definitely in international waters (I was in CIC as the TAO) when suddenly this high speed surface craft approached and was quickly within the minimum range of our 5". I do not recall what country's flag was showing, but I presume the CO (on the bridge) thought they were friendly.

    Within seconds they had told us to "heave to, prepare to be boarded". Naturally the CO refused; we went to silent GQ, our security alert team drawing M-60s, M-16s, and shotguns. Meanwhile, I contacted JCS and requested immediate air support. Visions of the USS Pueblo danced in my head and I ordered Radio to prepare to conduct self destruction. Man, it was scary. A couple of weeks earlier (as I now recall), the USS Turner Joy had been fired upon by the North Koreans and the bullets had easily penetrated the thin aluminum hull (one destroying the television in the wardroom). So I knew if they opened fire the thin skin of the ship was very little protection.

    I never knew exactly what transpired as the CO would not talk about it, but my feeling is that the little, high powered, gunboat skipper must have either gotten bored because we did not heave to, or decided that maybe it wasn't worth it to engage a US warship, so they left. 30 minutes later an F-14 flew overhead. Yee Haw! A day late and a dollar short. And what the heck was he gonna shoot at the gunboat - an AIM-54 Phoenix AA missile? Or, maybe his gun?

    I remember that particular instant in time like it was yesterday. Wow! And I'd completely forgotten about Grenada until you brought it up.

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    Very nice idea i think! i will try it!:thumbup:

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    Quote Originally Posted by trowelmaster View Post

    I can't get the link to work to see the video, rats..............NC

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    I suspect your have to be a member. IF so join. They are a friendly group with no strings attached.

    Which brings up the subject - anyone have a youtube account who could post an 82M video? I don't mind this being posted - but I do not agree to their terms of use, so I cannot post it myself.

    And please remember, this was a stress test with over 120 live platforms (not including the 16 inch rounds which were flying objects) , and my machine isn't nearly the fastest. I'm working on upgrading mine, by internet speed and copious graphics were being displayed.
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    Fo those that were trying to see the U/W o-dark hundred movie - the site is back up and the movie can be downloaded. Sorry for the hiccough... Murphy's law struck yet again.
    "Being good is not enough when you dream of being great"
    Author of NEUWUC family of programs

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