carriers and arresting gear
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Thread: carriers and arresting gear

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    carriers and arresting gear

    Is there any way to add arresting gear to a carrier that has already been compiled without additional software, or is it stuck as-is?

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    Unless you have the proper files to mod you're pretty much stuck with it as is, that said if all you want is a hook to stop you I'm pretty sure you can add one in the airplanes cfg. You'd just have to copy one from a dedicated carrier bird like the default Hornet and pasting it into your desired aircraft.
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    The acft CFG entry is for the tail hook. It does need to be properly located and the cable force scalar tuned for proper deceleration. That said you still need to have the carrier have the landing zone for arrestment included.


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    A very late reply, I know, but ArrCab will work anywhere.
    Rats - why won't anything work properly first time?

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