Thanks, from the Free Flight Site
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Thread: Thanks, from the Free Flight Site

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    Thanks, from the Free Flight Site

    I just want to thank all of you, Contributors and visitors... WOW

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    Although scenery is my gig, the site is an extention of my hobby

    Last 30 days, Thanks again


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    Hey No Dice,

    Your site hosts a fair amount of really cool stuff for CFS.

    Well Done!
    - Ivan.

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    very cool Dave.

    it makes me wonder who they are.
    do you keep track of downloads, too?

    thanks for all your hard work. :salute:
    sometimes the magic works.
    sometimes it doesn't.

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    Yes Smilo,
    Downloads can be tracked individually
    I get a report from Highest to lowest, so say in the case of Cees...I have to start
    at the top and search for 34 different zip files and their D/L count,
    not as simple as these forums , but everynow and then I give Ivan, Cees, ect
    and update on the D/L count. Probably time for me to due that again.


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    I must be in the number...

    ... because I have - finally! - downloaded Italy/Corsica scenery. Not installed yet (have to make space first).

    Let's just say that my CD burner is hot! hot! HOT! these days...
    Torture numbers and they'll say anything.

    Hubbabubba, Touche à tout.

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    Yes, you can make sure of that Hubba, Your page is actually, HOT, Hot, Hot
    I am taking off for Mardi Gras and will see If I can get some D/L numbers out to every one.
    What I can tell you right now is as I remember, the Day I posted your page was over 180 hits the first day.

    I sure would like to have another teaser to post.

    Dave :salute:

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    The power of SOH is crazy, one week difference..I am having trouble keeping up.

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    Thank you all again, Flightsim still exists

    Dave :salute:

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    I know I'm one of those folks that keep coming back.


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    Thank you T,
    and the 5823 other unique visits this month.
    It's all about friends like you and keeping flightsim alive and well; in
    a world that our children seem to be missing out on the learning,
    history and creativity found in a group such as ours.

    Dave :salute:

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    An even Better Thank you

    As an additional thank you, All SOH members can now receive a 10% discount
    from BomberBabes. It's so easy a Jug Head can do it.
    Simple details here:

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    Dave :salute:
    "Laissez les bon temps rouler"

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    A Big Thank You to the Free Flight Site

    Hello No Dice,

    I just visited your site again and am still amazed at the great quality of downloads you have for Combat Flight Simulator.
    (Your collection is probably just as good for the other simulators, but I don't generally download for them.)

    Thanks for keeping many of the rare beauties alive.
    - Ivan.

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