Getting some good jobs lately!
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Thread: Getting some good jobs lately!

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    Getting some good jobs lately!

    My goodness, I have been finding good jobs.

    My Iguanna Vanquard has crew quarters as well as cargo room. I also fitted it with a mineral scanner. I have been getting awesome paying work for military taxi runs, quick cargo runs, and get this, asteroid scans that pay 250,000.00 credits each scan! What in the world??? Must be the Euro exchange rate, heh heh... Not alot of those. Some are usually around 9,000 credits per scan.

    I wish I could find a way to link a shortcut button into 'scan'. Closing on an asteroid at 1100 M/S, locking target, and then manuevering through the menu with one eye on that, and one eye on the closing asteroid, using your other hand for flying the ship, can be a daunting endeavor. Almost went into the face of an asteroid last night, hitting the keys to maneuver the menu and the arrow key turned me into the big potatoe. Grim..... :S
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    Two words come to mind Bill..... Slow Down! LOL
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    Bill, get into the scripts my man, you can map commands with one of the add on scripts, (I forget the name at the moment but I have it installed) I have not done much scanning but I know what you mean my jumping around the menu to find a command and losing control of what you were doing - read I have worn a Cap ship as a hood ornament a few times NOT pretty!

    I will give you a couple of tips that I started using some time ago, get used to using the KB numbers, it take a little getting used to but open the menu you need "General, Ship, Target, etc" and then do all the navigation using the # keys on the top row of the keyboard. It's amazing how fast you can issue commands that way and once you get used to it you never have to take your eyes off the screen or your hand off the joystick. The other trick is to use the Hat Switch and trigger on the Joystick, once the menu is open the hat will navigate through the menu and to select any commend just pull the trigger, I use that method for close in slow work like docking or claiming a ship, it's not as fast as using the numbers but you can still keep your hands on the stick and control your spacecraft so it has it's advantages, the only thing you really need for this to work really well is to have a joystick button mapped to the esc key so you can back out and close the menus when you need to.
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