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    Welcome aboard Ray!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RayHoff View Post
    Hey guys,
    First time posting.
    I want to thank everyone who has contributed in the forums, there is a lot of information for people who want to get back into their old games (at least this is what I've been reading for a long time) I hope to be able to contribute in some way as well.
    I played CSF3 and EAW and I am hoping to learn here in order to be able to help others set up their games as well. For as simple as it can be to get certain things right it can take a lot of trial and error and having someone who has already gone through it may help speed things up.

    I wish everyone a great time and godspeed.

    Welcome Ray,

    You desire to help others set up their games, along with sharing your knowledge is commendable. I deed, this forum is invaluable for that! NC

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    I've been flightsimming for about 20 years or so but thought I'd finally say hello to the community and try to get involved. There's been a wealth of info and freeware available thanks to a lot of you people. Thank you so much for doing what you do


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    Welcome, Bman! Did you BYOB?
    America never stopped being great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nagpaw View Post
    Welcome, Bman! Did you BYOB?
    Sure did! Cheers

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    Unfortunately it's probably NSW 'Beer'.
    Welcome to the Outhouse mate, great place to be, unlike Victoria, where we're in another bloody lockdown!
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Thanks for letting me join again

    Hi all, its been more than a few years since ive been on. I switched over to an iMac in 2013 and had trouble getting connected with CFS3 since. I thought Id try it again and seem to have succeeded. I flew with a group of guys who had training sites and would fly on a set nite a week, Warbirds it was. does anyone have their contact info? Thanks for any help. Gordyjb

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    Thanks for accepting me

    I love flight simulation I have been following Flight Simulator since it was in two colors thanks again and sorry for my English "Google"

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    After a long absence from flight sims I decided to come back and give it a try again. Man I have really missed it. I was gifted a PC that has Win10 on it and it has been a little bit of a challenge to get my games up and running again but I think I'm getting there.

    Just a quick hello from an old flight simmer.


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    Welcome back!

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    Back from a long vacation.

    Hello Again,

    I used to be pretty active on the old forum (when it was brown instead of blue) from around 2000 through 2008ish. Life got in the way... Well, due to some change in circumstances I am back and hopefully I will get my new PC running CFS3 or my circa 2005 home build is gonna be up and running again.

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    Welcome back. I think you can still set your personal preference for the colour of this forum. Left side below, you can find a drop down menu.


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    I discovered CFS 2 and then CFS 1 in my teenage years and they always had a place in my heart as they are the first flight sims I played. When I found the games CDs in 2018-2019 I was "it's been so long, why not play them again". Nostalgia kicks in but the games wouldn't load, I guess it's a DRM thing or something like that. But when I found out SOH and all the things you could add to the game I was so impressed that I managed to install CFS 2 on my laptop anyway and now I am mostly collecting planes. Thank you SOH for restarting my love for this game.
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