No Surface / ground search radar in FA-18?
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Thread: No Surface / ground search radar in FA-18?

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    No Surface / ground search radar in FA-18?

    I see in the manual that one can use the air-to-air radar to lock up contacts in the FSX Accel FA-18, but doesn't seem to be any air-to-ground radar modelled at all. Is that the case?

    It does appear that the new VRS Super Bug will have A-G radar modelled, as they advertise Accurate AN/APG-73 A/A radar simulation with multi-mode capability and the ability launch HARM and MAVERICK A-G missiles. That is going to be awesome.

    But I was wondering if there is anybody working on an A-G radar for the legacy Hornet for FSX-A? That would be a cool upgrade - certainly I'd be willing to pay for it.


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    No, you are correct in that there is no ground function. The VSR should have it. Also, the IRIS F-16 has ground bombing capabilities. It may have that feature.

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