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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Hi Robert - I think that is the Latécoère 296 ?

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    Indeed, Mike, it is the Latécoère 296 on wheels, probably on its first flight.
    Became a floater later on.

    Over to Scotland

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    Thanks Robert - quite obscure that one.
    Here's a handsome floater, all spruced up but missing its nacelles. Had an interesting history too..........
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    One of Chris' famously minimalist answers ! The Nanok indeed - my little clue of the stout glass referred to the fact that it became the private 'air yacht' of the Honourable Arthur Guinness !

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    After 3.5 years on 402 will be flying Swearingen Merlin next week. Nice to have press./autopilot/heat/turbine again.

    This aircraft has had it's brothers in here before

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    Hmm, yes. The CNNA HL-6B Cauré from .

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    Thnk you Chris
    A parasol again - with connections..
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    Why did they go with the trolley wheels?

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    A Sparra only needed little wheels if it was the Mk. II designed to campaign for Supermarine at Lympne in 1926!

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    Indeed, a Supermarine that was neither a floater or a fighter - the wee Sparrow.

    Over to France, I think -

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    Thank you, Mike. Now here's where it all began .....

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    Charles De Rouge elytroplan - is it the Sigma ?

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    Indeed, Jim, it is the de Rougé Elytroplan 10 Sigma. Over to the States!

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    Thanks ! Nothing in the locker, so OH please .....

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    In the interest of maintaining some momentum .....

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    Hi Mike, the Botali-Mandelli effort of 1933 I believe.

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    My source has it as the 1933 Botali-Mandelli biplan léger (the one of which I couldn't find a photograph in 2015!) rather than the Effort . But as it's clear that you know this one, Kevin, over to Texas we go.

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    Thanks, moving on to a twin...

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    Is this a Tupolev of sorts ?

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    Not Russian Mike. Few built in the early 1930s.

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    Don't let the flashy paint scheme and angular nose throw you. From a well-known company.

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    I thought Russian at first looked there nothing. Then remembered where to look.

    Atlantic/Fokker O-27


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    You got it Chris. Over to you.

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