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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Indeed, Mike, it is the Albatros L.66, so completely different to the planes built by Albatros in WW1.

    Over to Scotland

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    Thank you - here is an oldie -
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    Eastern Europe. Converted from a biplane buit in large numbers. Designer had same surname as another from a different country -

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    Haller H-11 from

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    You got it, Uli ! Over to you -

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    I must declare Open House!

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    closing the door (not a sailplane!)
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    Is it an ornithopter?

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    No! All rigid. Pusher prop.

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    with a 32hp Grade engine

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    With that clue, the Richter Eindecker of 1932.

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    Take it, Kevin!

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    Happy Father's day and all that jazz.

    Something larger.
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    That should be the Gasuden Koken from

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    On with a floater.
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    If you look closely you can see a hint in the picture!

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    Presume the hint refers to the 'Pneu', Robert ? I reckoned it was French, just by the appearance of that motley crew around it....but beyond that, struggling a bit. Some similarities with the Loire 50, but that four-blade prop is intriguing..

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    The hint doesn't refer to the wheel, Mike, but to one of the persons on the photo.
    His face should be well known.

    European, but not French, first flight in the early 1920ies.

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    Well, I am thinking of a Fokker B.I

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    You think right, Uli, it is the Fokker B.I with Anthony himself in the middle.

    Over to the Black Forest

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    Thank you Robert. Let's try something we both know.
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    From Berlin, Germany in the first half of the 1930ies.

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    Revealing: Would be a homebuilt in actual terminology. A scaled-down replica of the Dietrich-Gobiet DP 11a Bussard.

    Built by Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Schneider from Schönow near Berlin 1933/34. Her name is Schwalbe (swallow).

    Open House

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    Apologies, been diverted of late. My dear Mum took a fall, breaking a wrist and banged herself up pretty good. On the mend now. (She is 92).

    How about this spiffy little number?

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