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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    where is the gear?

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    I thought the pix was interesting. Not in my area of interest. So looking up info on it. Does have fixed gear and couldn't find info on the web as the website takes me to another site not on the aircraft. It's US light aircraft as far as I know.

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    it’s the Quasar Lite, look here:

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    back to an older epoch
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    built for the military

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    powered by 80hp Hall-Scott

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    Time to reveal: Lawson Military Trainer 1 (MT-1)

    OH please

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    Uli thanks for finding another aircraft not in Aerofiles.


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    Ok, let's try this twin.
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    It is the Amiot 370 built for the race Paris - New York.

    Over to you, Kevin

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    Thanks Robert.

    Sorry busy with work today. I can post a new one but it will be this evening.

    If someone wants to jump in be my guest.

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    Sorry for the delay.

    Onward with a sporting type.

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    I think this is the Loving-Wayne WR-3.

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    And back to Robert.

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    Here is another two-seat monoplane.
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    I am pretty sure that this is another variant of the BFW M 23 by Willy Messerschmitt

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    Not built by BFW or Messerschmitt, Uli.

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    That is an I.C.A.R. Universal from , Robert.

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    To be exact it is an ICAR Universal Biloc (=two-seater), the version with a Gipsy Major.
    The photo was taken in South Africa when three aircraft of this type made a long distance flight from Bucharest to Cape Town and back.

    Over to you, Mike

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    Those cute little side windows triggered it, Robert..

    Here's something without much in the way of windows - not difficult, but new here, I think - nice streamlining ruined by that clunky radiator !

    (someone has done the early equivalent of Photoshop to remove the barrel holding the tail up !)
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    Something must have gone wrong with this model. The wing is much too low.

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    Ah, but it was intended to be flown inverted, Uli, so that it fitted in with the 'house' design style! It is, of course, the sole M.S.325 - with its inverted parasol wing.

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    Well at least they tried to get out of the rut !

    Over to Texas although I know Uli knew it..

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