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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    A nose that could be swung open to allow entry to the passenger cabin. Surely not a rare, airgoing version of the Heinkel Kabine!

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    Not from Germany, Mike, but from a country where many people - including one very famous aircraft designer - understand German.

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    All aircraft from this designer contain as part of their type designations his two initials, even those he made in the UK during WWI.
    After the war he went back to his home country where his company was the second largest aircraft manufacturer temporarily.

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    That must be Frits Koolhoven and his NVI F.K.29

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    Nothing more to add, Uli

    Found this nice photo where the FK.29 is shown with her bigger brother FK.33.

    Over to the Black Forrest.
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    Thank you Robert! Nice find!

    On with a parasol
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    Felio SP-2 Ranger Sir.

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    Suds for Moses

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    A forward thinking bird.

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    This was the designers second airplane build. He was active in ballooning in the early 1900's.

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    Flown circa 1912. The designers last project was a large multi-winged flying boat in 1917 that I don't think was completed.

    From Southern Europe.

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    I think this is the Frassinetti La Colomba monoplane

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    Good show Robert. It is the Colomba or Dove.

    Only other photo I found of it on another forum.
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    Thanks, Kevin, that was a tough nut!

    Here is a more modern monoplane.
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    I think that is the Farman F.520 Monitor III.

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    Correct on all accounts, Mike, it is the Farman Monitor.


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    Thank you, Robert. Here's something of an earlier vintage.

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    This is an obscure bird. There seems to be little published information about it - and my researches have failed to add to that. All that I can offer, by way of a clue, is that it's a 105hp Hirth that you can see up front.

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    The only other clue that I can offer is that it is French and post-WW2. Beyond that, the only remaining things I know about it are the name of its constructor and its designation!

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    No takers? This curious little light aeroplane is the Meunier PM.301 Dauphin F-WFOX/PFOX built by Pierre Meunier in 1949. Open house, please!

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    More modern and strange shape

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    it won a first price, despite its appearance!

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    No taker for the Känsgail "Aušra" ("Dawn")?

    Here is a machine translation of: http://авиару.рф/aviamuseum/aviatsiy...-aushra-zarya/

    "Aušra" ("Dawn") by V. Kensgaila (Panevėžys, Lithuanian SSR) is the largest amateur aircraft in the country.
    Light agricultural aircraft "Aushra" (Zarya).
    Developer: V. Känsgail.
    Country: USSR
    The first flight: 1989.
    "Aushra" is the largest amateur aircraft created in the Soviet Union. Its maximum takeoff weight was 2,200 kg with a target load of 800 kg, which was a record for lifting capacity. This "goliath" of homemade aviation was created almost single-handedly by a pilot from Riga, Vladas Känsgail, under contract with the collective farm "Aushra" ("Dawn") to perform air-chemical work in agriculture.
    Of course, the main advantage of the machine is not in its size and weight, but in the fact that it is designed to perform aerial chemical works in agriculture, for which it is equipped with a large tank for liquid chemicals and special equipment for spraying them.
    The fuselage of the aircraft is made entirely of plastic, the cabin is located in front of the fiberglass chemical tank, which is in the center of gravity of the machine. Elevated position of the pilot's seat provides excellent visibility, in the cockpit next to the pilot overflights can take a seat mechanic. Sufficiently high power-to-weight ratio and relatively low wing unit load provide the "Aushra" with excellent maneuverability, short takeoff and run-down, so necessary on sites of limited size.
    Having thoroughly assessed the flight data and design of the machine, the flight engineer and the test pilots of the SLA-89 flight, nominated the author of the plane for the first prize of the Ministry of Aircraft Industry of the USSR - 10 thousand roubles.
    It seems that "Aushra" with an economical serial engine M-14P can become a prototype of a successful agricultural aircraft and a good hint for professional aircraft constructors. Moreover, among the technical features of the "Aushra", which contributed to its rapid construction and relatively low cost, the achievement of the best flight characteristics and high reliability, should be included the wing with fixed winglets and slotted flaps from the Yak-12R aircraft and the horizontal tail from the same machine. And the power plant, landing gear and systems are similar to the Yak-52.
    Translated with (free version)

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    That's it over to Germany Uli


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    On with something easy
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