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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    I didn't know that Texas is a part of France now.

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    The wee laddie clearly is having a difficult day!

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    I wouldn't mind a little Parisian influence in these parts.

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    But you've got Paris, Texas, in Lamar County. Is it not influential enough? It even gave its name to a film!

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    Great film, too, Ry Cooder soundtrack. Sorry, fellows, distracted again.

    Having a battle with a mail order company. The Boss's phone blew up,and I ordered a replacement for 24 hr delivery. Package arrived, obviously not a phone - it was a steam cleaner.
    Hours of phoning later, they agree to uplift the item. Forms to fill in - why was I disappointed with the phone ? 'Stuck the nozzle in my ear but still couldn't get a signal'

    24 hours later, still no sign of a phone on its way. Grrrrr.....

    Carry on, chaps, please, while I wait for sanity to re-emerge...I am still wondering why in my local pub, I can have a meal inside, but no alcohol. Outside, I can have a drink, but no meal. Aaaaaaargh

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    I won't ask if, when you applied the nozzle to one ear, the steam came out the other ..... !

    I'll take it that the initial reference to Texas was a product of mail order frustration, rather than any antipathy to France, and just keep calm and carry on.

    Here's something of an oddity that was not, by any measure, a success. It didn't last long - as, I suspect, will prove to be the case here.

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    Ugly bug is the Pickering-Pearson KP.2.

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    Exactly. A flying machine without a fin or rudder. It did have ailerons, but not as we know them, Jim. Thus it was hardly surprising that it was not a runaway success.
    This time it really is over to Texas!

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    Staying with the pusher theme.

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    This is the second version. One source reports that the engine was an Argus.

    From a well-known designer.

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    Flown in 1912. Three years later started a company that lasted until the early 1980's.

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    Alessandro Marchetti built the La Chimera. Later of Savoia-Marchetti.

    Open board then.

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    Since no one is jumping in. Just found this VSTOL don't know if it flew can't seem to find more about it. circa 1962
    This pix was taken in 1993.

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    Interesting airframe. Is that a partial rotor stem in the middle perhaps?

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    Its single turbojet engine powered dual sets of wooden propellers mounted on a rotating arm on the center fuselage. The operating propellers would lie flush with the upper fuselage providing VTOL capability via controlled louvers at the bottom of the fuselage. For forward flight, the propellers would be pivoted up and forward to a vertical position. Dual vertical tails were located just inboard of the wingtips.

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    While looking for info about Canadair CL-84 found this on secret projects site. It's the LeBel experimental VSTOL of Dec. 1962 seen in 1993 at Chino Airport CA. I assume it's canadian as it has Canada Patent No.654,548 appeared on the nose.

    That's all I could find on this. Was hoping to see a picture when it was "able" to fly.



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    Thought that design looked vaguely familiar. I have some info on the Le Bel but never knew it advanced that far.

    I believe I posted it as a mystery here a long time ago but as we know now in a simple mockup stage.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Le Bel Covertible.jpg   Le Bel Covertible Patents.pdf  

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    Ok, here is an easy one.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails A671856D-C0F0-4F46-9252-1F052744D21A.jpg  

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    Too easy or more difficult as expected?

    First flight end of the 1940ies.

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    Might be the MS.700 Pétrel ?

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    It is the Morane-Saulnier MS.700 Petrel.

    The first solved mystery in more than a week.

    Over to you, Mike

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    Thank you, Robert. My pics show a slightly different undercarriage arrangement..

    Here's a little fellow with an exuberantly large fin and rudder !
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    So large a fin and rudder that for subsequent models they replaced it with a pair of smaller ones! I believe that this is SNCAC NC.851, F-WDVX (failing which I suspect that it will be the NC.850 F-WCZM - of which I can't find a photograph at present)

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    Absolutely correct with the NC.851, Mike, and, for the record, here is her older sister...
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    Thank you, Mike, for confirmation and for the supplementary picture.

    Moving on, here's an innovator that doesn't seem to have put in an appearance here before.

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