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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    from a world-wide well-known flyer

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    No takers on the Udet U.13?

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    apparently not

    It's the U.13

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    Then let's try this twin-boomer.
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    You were probably wondering why I didn't jump at Uli's nice floater - quite simply, I didn't know it ! Apart from that rather curious and sadly incomplete 'yellow' website, there is not much info on inter-war German aviation, at least not in English.

    Well I do have the full story on Robert's twin-boomer. It's the first prototype - F-AKCA - of the SPCA III. (the second prototype had wing fillets on the trailing edge). Mike (Pommehomme) kindly obtained for me a copy of Yves Laget's excellent SPCA book, and my French is just about good enough....

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    I'm impressed, Mike!
    Of course it is the SPCA.
    Didn't even know that there was a difference between the two aircraft except for the engines. That must be a great book!

    Over to Scotland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fabulousfour View Post
    I'm impressed, Mike! That must be a great book!
    I suspect that it is, Robert, but I can't say for certain as I didn't read it before sending it on to Mike! However, having regard to how poorly it was packaged for shipping, I don't think that its publisher paid it the respect that its content quality would seem to deserve.

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    Well apart from one slightly crumpled corner, it is just fine, and the contents make it all worthwhile.

    Got a busy day ahead, so will recycle an entry from long ago. I rather like this machine, although it does look a bit like the result of an illicit liaison between a Beaufighter and a DC-2.....
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    And this is the Piaggio P.111 from Thompson's Italian aircraft book that Lefty kindly mailed to me years ago and is still a favorite in my library.

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    Indeed it is the one-off Piaggio, Kevin. Glad you're still finding that book useful !

    Over to Texas - - is it warming up over there yet ?

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    Thanks Mike. Yes, the heat is headed this way like a light in a narrow train tunnel.

    Here is a scrubby bipe.

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    Purpose built for a long distance flight.

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    not a good airfield with all the undergrowth

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    This was a much altered Curtiss with a common OX-5 engine. The well-known pilot at the time was attempting to fly from Mexico to Russia!

    Las Vegas was one of the stops...

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    Flight was in 1921. Made it as far as Alaska before heavy winds destroyed the airplane while it was on the ground.

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    This is the Bach Polar Bear or Bach-Prest Polar Bear.

    Good read here:

    Open board-

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    On with this nice biplane.
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    For some reason, something yelled 'Czech' at me ! Went to my rather tatty copy of the Letadla bible (don't think bookbinding was a Czech speciality) and found the Aero A-11J with Walter Jupiter motor.

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    Well done, Mike!
    It is the single Aero A.11 with a radial engine.

    Over to Scotland.

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    Thanks Robert
    Here's another easy one, but not often seen.....
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    Might that be the Airspeed Oxford IV with the experimental Gipsy Queen IV inline engines? It's a guess because I can't find a picture of the aeroplane online and I don't have H.A.Taylor's book.

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    Apr 2011
    About 15 miles SW of Yeovil
    I think the engines would be Queen II's if Military or Gipsy Six Series 2 if civil & have CSU's & Constant speed props. Gipsy Six series I in Rapides & Miles a/c.
    Anyway how is France these day Mike? Now moving to Cheltenham having found a bungalow!
    Keep up the good work, I'm still surprised how many unknown aircraft have been built!

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    Yes Mike - not proceeded with because they had so many Cheetah engines lying around, apparently.
    Over to you

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    Thank you, Mike. Here's something a little more modern.

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    Maybe the Lucas L.6, Mike?

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