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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Hallelujah! I didn't think that it would take so long. But you have it, Uli. It is the Zander and Weyl designed sole Dart Pup, based on the Slingsby Falcon III which, in turn, derived from the Lippisch Falke. You have control.

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    Thank you Mike.

    Let's try this
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    I think this one popped up here a couple of months ago, Uli. (#22389)

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    I got <<Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.>>

    But now I see the difference: I have it as "Sparman S 1"

    Open House then!

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    Ok, let's try this light plane.
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    Praga E-114 Air Baby .....

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    Even though the google picture search declares this as an Air Baby I can't see any similarity between the Praga and the mystery

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    Ah ! Avia Eindeker BH- 4 ?

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    Close, but no cigar.

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    It looks more like the BH-1, perhaps the replica constructed a few years back?

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    Yes, it is the replica of the Avia BH-1.

    Over to you, Mike
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    Thank you, Robert. Tempted though I was to follow up with the replica BH-5, I've resisted that temptation in favour of something of a later vintage that cannot be said to have left much of a mark on aeronautical history.

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    It's another acronym ! The SNCASO SO.3050 F-BAMN, perhaps ?

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    Well done , Mike. It is the one and only SO.3050. Over to you.

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    Something different - a (very) large sesquiplane, which happens to be a floater also.
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    I've been swimming more than once in these waters (but not at that time)!

    The Dornier RS IIa

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    Yes, one of the big Dorniers, Uli. Getting such a big complex structure airborne must have occupied a lot of the the engineers' and aerodynamicists' time - I wonder how much consideration was given to its seaworthiness ?

    Over to you -

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    Well, Lake Constance is the largest lake in the country. Runway length wouldn't be an issue then.

    On with something from about the same time.
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    Well I thought those spindly bicycle wheels might be a good clue, but they are getting me nowhere !

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    Actually they should!

    This is the work of two brothers who converted an extemely well-know pioneer aircraft into a biplane. However, the brothers became more famous for another invention of theirs.

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    From Elmira, NY but not in aerofiles, unfortunately.

    The later specialty of the brothers were rocket cars!

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    In this case it should be the biplane built by the Hungerford brothers from a Bleriot in 1922(!) (page 9 of the pdf)

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    exactly my source, Robert Cheers

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    Thanks, Uli, interesting story!
    A rocket car made of cardboard

    Here is a biplane of about the same vintage.
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    This biplane had a very special design feature, its whole nose could be swung away to enable two passengers an access into the fuselage.
    No further examples were built, the designer is quite well known.

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