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Description: Hollandia Scenery for CFS2 by UncleTgt

This is a reworking of the stock sceneries for the area at the NE end of PNG, from But westwards as far as the Cyclops Mountains north of Hollandia & Lake Sentani. It also reworks the few islands & atolls to the north of Papua New Guinea, in the Bismark Sea.
It is designed for use with Rhumbas mesh, but the scenery excludes provided should mean this works well in a stock mesh install too.
This scenery builds on & extends the areas covered in my previous PNG sceneries, but it should work as a stand-alone scenery as well.

New Ground2K scenery for each, including fringing reefs.
New airbase scenery, made using FSSC.
New gsl infrastructure.
New custom Landclass & Waterclass.
Some simple missions using the stock F4U-1A Corsair for viewing the gsl airbases & scenery

The base scenery is as developed through to late-1943, & the base gsl reflects this.

Known conflicts:

Installing this scenery pack will require the archiving of some the airbases from Pen2win's AF Papua New Guinea scenery.

PNG_Tadji airbase is replaced by a new airstrip.

Until the autumn of 1943, apart from the established airdromes at Hollandia, much of the area was only covered by a small number of small grass fields, mainly used pre-WW2 in support of the church missions & plantation operations.
During 1943 the Japanese began expanding Hollandia & improving the runway at Tadji, & commenced development at Tami. All these locations came under Allied air attacks almost straight away, & all fields apart from Tami were pretty much complete by the autumn of the year. So in this pack we have a single gsl option, depicting the fields during the period they were fought over.

I did add a few other small strips for historical interest.

Thanks to:
Jean Bomber for his inspiration, advice & support. He talked me through getting to grips with G2K & more…
Maskrider for all his airbase packages & the blended airbase tutorial. This set the standard for airbase sceneries for the game.
Rhumbaflappy for the new more accurate world mesh – it was a desire to make best use of this development that is the driver for many of my scenery projects. He also developed the vtp1 fixer programme to fix display errors in vtp bgls compiled from Ground2K.
GavinC for his reworking of the stock airbases, making individual base reworking/ revision much easier
Shessi for his water textures, that were the inspiration for my reworking of Jimkos Pacific Blues, & indirectly lead me to develop this latest set of water textures.
Lindsay Watt for all of his scenery objects & innovations.
Wolfi for his scenery objects.
Xavier for all his scenery objects & airbase sceneries, opening up a larger world for us all to fly in
Martin Wright for all the various software tools that are so useful!
Russell Dirks for his EZ landclass programme, making large scale land/ water class adjustments possible
Christian Fumey for his excl8 & Ground2K programmes, making the creation of completely new scenery possible for CFS2.


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