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Description: This package contains alternative textures for the ex-donationware P-51C Malcolm hood version (now freeware), which can be found in the Sim-Outhouse libary. Although the textures are done for the FS9 version, they will work on the more or less identical CFS2 version as well. The textures are based on the paintkit by David Green.

The texture show the Mustang III FZ190 as in was used by 19 squadron RAF over Europe between January 1944 and April 1945. This repaint is based on a picture form this aircraft, while in was serviced at B12/Ellon Normandy France, during the summer of 1944.

As the British production of fighters was considered insufficient in 1938, the British government tried to purchase Curtiss P40 fighters in the USA. However the Curtiss factories were already producing on their limits and P40s were short in supply. North American, who were already delivering Havards to the RAF, were asked whether they could produce P40 in license. However North American Aviation stated they could design and build a better aircraft. The Mustang was developed for the RAF, which was also its first user. The first Mustangs were delivered in October 1941 and became operational in January 1942. The Mustang III arrived in late 1943 and remained operational until the end of WWII.

I want to thank the Anthony "Gramps" Sullenger and the rest of the FDG2 team for creating this model and donating it to the Sim-Outhouse. And of course Martin Wright for his simple but indispensable graphic tools, as without his dtx1 bitmap manipulator these textures simply wouldn't be there.

March 2024

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