P3D V6 license changes
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Thread: P3D V6 license changes

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    P3D V6 license changes

    I've not seen it mentioned anywhere, unless I missed it.

    P3D now offers a 'home' use license which seems to me to be a step forwards to getting more users of this simulator.

    "Lockheed Martin Prepar3D simulation for K-12 students and home use that immerses the user in a rich and interactive environment."

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    Yes - they term in "personal" and offer it at $59.95 USD.


    I'm still running v4 for sim subjects that don't exist for MSFS. Been toying with the idea of getting V6, if the jump in visuals and/or performance warrants it.

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    Same with me DL re P3D v 5 -6. Am still wary hearing of some backward compatibility and other frustrations and not sure how significant the improvements are.

    v4.5 continues to work flawlessly for me.
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