Windsocks and Segmented Circles
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Thread: Windsocks and Segmented Circles

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    Windsocks and Segmented Circles

    Originally in KPLN Pellston Airport thread, I thought the more that I learn and discover it should have its own thread. I only have a few minutes before a family funeral today and banquet tonight but I wanted to get this up. I will be doing a duplicate of it at the FSX forum here as well.

    Hali-brite real-world manufacturer of windsocks says there are two sizes based on diameter according to the FAA:
    Size 1 = 18" diameter
    Size 2 = 36" diameter

    I have the complete windsock file download from Jacques-Paul BOLLARD (Bégipé) – AKA JP67 at which I will pack up and post in this and the P3D thread unless I can find the download link to it. After searching the download sites AND the I did not find where I downloaded it from and since he just requires an acknowledgement as long as it's for free, I will share a zip of the full file including readme's. Barnstable also has oildrum half segmented circle which I will create like I did the aluminum tent circle shared here this week.

    More later........

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    When Creating An Airport

    Whenever I decide to create an airport for Prepar3D I always download and printout the airport information from AirNav. If the airport exists in the simulator world, you have to use that one as a basis and go from there in order not to have a conflict, at least that is what the simulator told me. I use SBuilderX to get a photo background and exact location for again the simulator is not always perfectly aligned with the real world since it's location information is old and magnetic variation changes it as well as updates to the airport by the owner like the county or the state. Google Earth also gives you a really good picture of its layout though sometimes those are NOT up to date but a few years old and also the street views are composed of multiple photos I have found out at an airport that in the satellite view there was a missing building that was in the street view. Google Map will give you more information as well with the identity of buildings/owners. At one airport, the building had been sold and I got the new owners to send me photos of the four sides of their building to construct it in Sketchup accurately. They were really excited that I was using THEIR building on the airport. Anyway, though this isn't exactly windsock and segmented circle information it is the basis of where to locate them accurately and what kind are on the airport.

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    Jacques-Paul Bollard Windsocks

    I searched all over for Jacques-Paul BOLLARD (Bégipé) – AKA JP67 at I was able to log onto, but being unable to become a new member because the registration process said not accepting any new applications. Consequently there is no search capability and with 437 pages of utilities, I didn't think that was very likely to find anything. There is no objection by Jacques-Paul Bollard to use or include his windsocks in any scenery so I am providing a link to download his complete folder. There is a readme in both French and English explaining and translating the descriptions which are all in French. He says that in order not to have any problem, to include the complete folder in your SODE sim object folder. To use a particular windsock, you will need to select it and properly add it into the particular SODE xml for the windsock; pole; and supporting shrouds in any. If you do use them in any scenery please include him as the designer in the readme which is only a common courtesy to the designer.

    Here is the link:

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    Small Airport Objects

    I was able to convert Sidney Schwartz's Small Airport Objects which I downloaded from AVSIM. He created all kinds of really nice objects for FS2004 back in the day which are in many of the sceneries he created. These are created from FS2004 to native P3DV4 using Model Converter X so that they can be used in Airport Design Editor by uploading the complete bgl with the Library Object Manager. If you use one or more of them you will need to add the complete library into the scenery folder and the bmp's into the texture folder of your airport. Be sure to give him the credit for them in your README and absolutely do not upload your airport onto any site that charges for downloads. I am making it available here because he has segmented circles and also the landing direction markings to add to the circle at untowered airports which you can read in the FAA manual pdf above.

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    Just An Update Of More Info

    Here is a lot of information maybe some of you are unaware of. It came about during my creation over at the FSX Forum of SOH when creating a tetrahedron for the ol' KNGZ NAS Alameda which btw works fantastic now in P3D V4 and V5 on our 8 year newer computers with a lot more guts than when it was created in 2016 and OOM'd and fps'd folks back then. Now it's come of age for anyone who wants to try it who hasn't got it there is a NEW mediafire download since the old dropbox download links are all dead. I was really pleased about the new interest in it after six months work by simlloyd and myself as well as woogy and Dimus help back then. Below is the link to new windsock info and more

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