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Description: Features flight dynamics, ground handling and texture improvements.
Yoke steering only! Rudder axis is disabled, see the Ground Handling improvements section below.
Fully compatible with all third-party liveries.
Fully compatible with the autopilot feature of the PMS50 GTN750 Premium version: https://pms50.com/msfs/
High gloss finish on all the default liveries removed.
Simply drag and drop the "tiger's erco415 mod" folder into your Community folder.

Flight Dynamics improvements:
Weight and balance adjusted for smoother control.
Cruise speed increased to 85-90kias @2100rpm, 3000ft.
Approach speed is 60-65kias, now needs some throttle into a headwind.
Enabled Autopilot control by keyboard commands or the PMS50 GTN750 Premium version.

Ground Handling improvements:
Rudder axis disabled, yoke/aileron axis now controls ground steering - up to 20kts crosswinds.
Brakes and differential brakes adjusted to assist with ground handling in crosswinds.

Texture improvements:
High gloss metallic finish removed from all default liveries to reveal the actual paint finish.

Version 1.2 update:
Crosswind ground handling improved still further:
Crosswind up to 20 knots will not tilt the wings on the ground causing the wingtips to scrape.

To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Tiger's Erco 415 Ercoupe mod V1.2
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