Had some sim fun this morning. XP of course - the best flight simulator program bar none! The picture is of a Dehavilland Dash 8 -100 series Dash 8. The airport is Moree in NSW standard gateway. The weather real time and loaded. First not the perfect placement on the ramp so the door opens correctly to the crossing markers for passengers. The tree shadows waved and danced with a light breeze that picked up the wind sock - effortlessly transported you to a small rural airport in outback Australia. The Dash is a totally privateer effort that is not payware but now to payware standard - recreates the Dash 8 and it feels and sounds like a Dash 8. All together for 60 fps performance and well crisp realistic graphics it just is amazing. Flight well that is a totally believable and accurate spectrum,

Abeam Mt Kaputar on track Moree to Tamworth leisurely A100

The workspace and mainspace.