Greetings from West By God Virginia
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Thread: Greetings from West By God Virginia

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    Greetings from West By God Virginia

    Probably donít remember me but thought Iíd say hi. Sure wouldnít mind getting back involved with Cfs2. Was in the hospital but Iím out. Still donít know whatís wrong. Blood Pressure went up like a rocket. Fluid filled my legs up so full the veins busted. Hospital wanted to keep me for two three days but I didnít make it long. I arrived that night and was out of there by 6am. Yup told em I was going to the house so thatís what I did. Still kicking. Legs still swell but I take a durectic. My skin is bad though stays red inflammation dry I itchy and I end up scratching the blood out. Sleeping in a chair hard breathing in bed. I put on over ten pounds all at once after I got from the hospital. Something wrong. Missing cfs2

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    Welcome back! Your vascular issues sound like mine only more severe. Try to sleep with your legs above your heart level and be well!

    Shadow Wolf 07
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Thanks! Hope youíre getting better. I need to find out whatís wrong. Laying down I think Iím suffocating sometimes or out of breath especially at first. Been sleeping in a recliner. Sitting hurts my back because I got Scoliosis. Need to ditch the cigarettes. I smoke like theyíre going to quite making them. Got bills including medical. Just got a job right before this hit then I had to take time off I just said Iíll get another job but Iím trying to get Medicaid and they giving me the fits. Bill collectors calling . I ainít got a fighting chance doesnít seem like. Anyway I hope to be back modding or playing cfs 2 soon. Still looking for my payware stuff Iíve had for years.

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    Sounds like when it rains it pours. Hope it all works out for you.

    Captain Kurt
    "Fly, you fools!" Gandalf the Gray

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    Thanks Captain. I appreciate your concern. Blood work said my heart was okay and kidneys but something ainít right I think beats funny now then or starts racing but usually calms down when I jump because itís scary many feels like itís beating to hard most time. Out of breath sometimes.,probably better stop smoking if Iím going to make it much longer. I donít know I think the doctor is hesitant to send me specialist because I no insurance yet. They denied me because I didnít send a document or something from my last employer stating they donít owe me any more money. If Iím not working why would they be owing money for . Itís like they try killing people to save a buck I think. Going try appeal it. Got my w2 from them so maybe that might work I donít know. Kids wonít message me. My oldest will if I message her first but sheís like answer your questions thatís it no messages Otherwise.,I was good to them. They never stepped foot in a room I wouldnít greet them try talk but I donít know. Hurts i never thought things like this would hit u especially all at once. Still find a way to laugh and crack jokes. I guess by nature Iíll never be suicidal or anything like that. Just wish Iíll be okay. I got places to go and people to see I hope.

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    Iím sure I missed a lot of goodies since I been gone. If Iím able Iíll install cfs2 on my desktop thatís all I got left I didnít bring it with me to California. Still works. Keyboard went bad couldnít start the pc up until I unplugged that thing. Went Walmart got another and no issues so far. Other keyboard looked like a five dollar job from a Chinese sweatshop anyway never did like it the numbers letters wore off just looking at them. Might be able to transfer my cfs2 stuff from the laptop. The screen is bad in the middle but it fires up last time I tried it. Might be going to jail if I donít pay my bills but it is what it is. I worked all my life landed a job right after High School been working for years. Done some traveling but this last chapter In life ainít been good. I hadnít had any luck since she took off to California and got a job without talking to me first. Had a nice house here and a good job working for Volvo now I might be going under and donít have a pot of my own to piss in so to speak. Anyway itís good hear from everyone. I never forgot anybody. Wished Iíd behaved a little better last time I as here but I was a miserable old sole from how things were going. Anyway Iím not too ornery now unless Iím hungry and their ainít no grub in the doggie dish.

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    I did find some of my payware for CFS 2 many still missing. Going through boxes in the basement all piled up feeling bad because with all my troubles I have a ear infection on top of it wasn't all that fun.I found the original box cd's with manual. Some abacus add ons like midway and one the Pacific Theater I don't remember what that one was about the entire pacific or What. I just know the planes are the finest piece of craftsmanship that can be found. Joking they are more suitable for CFS1. I found Just Flight Pearl Harbor and Battle of Briton. Aerosim Zero Fighters which might be good since it was also made for cfs3. Aerosim Army fighters and another I forgot by Aerosim.

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    Really sorry to hear about you medical problems Deathwind. Try to hang in there, as a two time cancer survivor I know it's a tough hill to climb.
    Do not fear the enemy, for they can take only your life. Fear the media far more, for they will destroy your honour.

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    Thanks Stony. Beats me I'm not getting the testing needed to get better or find out what's wrong. Medicine I'm on can cause skin issues as well but my Doctor said I had those issues before. I had a rash but that was the blood vessels now that's gone but my legs are inflamed like really red my feet are purple. Dry skin and scabs . Filling up with fluid still even causing my knees to hurt. Skin is hard in places and my legs fill really tight when the fluid fills back in. Hell they never had me to fast and take blood work. I could have diebeties or anything. Had it before once I was on metaformin or something and that gave me the ****s if I remember right. Got to fork out over a $100 just to visit the doctor and still in as bad as shape as ever after several visits. I'm betting sinceI don't have insurance they are probably hesitate to send me to a specialist. Hell I'm only 51 I should be getting started not killing over. If i do i hope to see the kids once anyway.

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    Howdy Folks it's me again. Yes that ornery worthless knucklehead. Sorry. Legs seem to be getting somewhat better. Waiting on a job call. Installed CFS2 my second disc had some scratches but Abandonware has it so I downloaded that. Great to be back. Hope to be around awhile if I don't get myself killed over the Pacific here.

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    To defend yourself against scratched disks, make several "virgin" installs (eg: PTO - stock and Rhumba, ETO and MTO - Rhumba), zip them up and stash them in a safe, backup library.

    Don't worry. I am building some PTO missions in which you can "get killed" as often as you like
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Wolf 07 View Post
    To defend yourself against scratched disks, make several "virgin" installs (eg: PTO - stock and Rhumba, ETO and MTO - Rhumba), zip them up and stash them in a safe, backup library.

    Don't worry. I am building some PTO missions in which you can "get killed" as often as you like
    Thanks for the advice. Iím using a desktop thatís never had it installed before because I quit playing CFS2 for several years due to married life etc. i must have been a little rough with discs when i was a young buck. I believe I was working in a furniture factory making $4.75 a hour when I bought cfs2. Hehe imagine that. Anyway I found another copy on abandonedware and it doesnít cost anything. CfS3 and 1 are available as well. Lots of older games are there. After I installed it I made a copy and pasted it in another location for playing and adding mods. I leave the original install alone just keep it there in case I need it for another install etc.

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    Screen on my laptop I was using in California is broke so the entire middle of the screen is unusable. Donít know who broke it but I never dropped it or anything. I expect someone dropped something heavy on it. Anyway I have a transfer cable Iím able to pull my junk off of it to my desktop with. I uploaded some mods here I can download without remaking everything so Iím just glad to be back into it.

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    Howdy Pilgrims! Itís I. Looking for a good patrol boat U.S. side which one do u recommend the most.

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    JMK_PT117 looks like a good one to me

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    Does anybody know a way to keep the engine running for aircraft to be used only as ground objects.

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    Where's the tumbleweed emoji ...

    The only way I can recall is to use Simonu's "Traffic" C47 & B24 vehicles to mimic ground traffic with rotating props

    Link to Simonu's C47

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    Thanks UncleTgt! I was experimenting with the static aircraft from the B 24 guy from the folding wings package. You have two choices wings folding or unfolded with engine on or off. I used a overhaul modal with his cfg and airfile but the engine wasn't running though everything else was fine.

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