FS2004 Spitfire sounds
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Thread: FS2004 Spitfire sounds

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    FS2004 Spitfire sounds

    Hello Gentlemen,
    what are the best sounds for an Spitfire Mark XIV ?
    I have the nice Spitfire from REALAIR which I apreciate,
    but the sounds in the cockpit, hmmm compared to some flight videos
    its not that.
    the exterior sounds are well to hear but in the cockpit - can some one adwise me better ones?
    Best Regards
    Michael Vader

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    Some of Srubs late mark Spits come with good sound's, there's a few in our library, and over at Flightsim, some FSX sound sets will work in FS9 also

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    FS2004 Spitfire sounds

    Hallo Ian
    thank you for your reply,
    I tested several ones.
    Finaly I took the original realair sound but changed the x---- files to spit ---- files
    and reduced the wind volume about a third part.
    For me it is quit well so
    Best regards
    Michaael Vader

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