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    Great Modeling Resource

    I posted this in the FS9 forum but I'm cross-posting because so many folks I've gotten to know over the years hang out in different fora.

    Recently my modeling partner David stumbled onto a great resource: Free Ginter books (Naval Fighters and Air Force Legends series) in your choice of digital formats.

    It's a page on the Internet Archive, which seems to be a legitimate site, with twenty-three books listed. The subjects are American military aircraft of the late 1940s through around the 1970s or 80s. There are prototypes and in-service aircraft ranging from the very obscure to the very well known, mainly Navy and Marine types but a couple Air Force or multi-service types, the C-124 Globemaster and the Convair twins.

    Most modelers will be familiar with the Ginter books, but if you're not, they are heavily illustrated in fine detail, but also include extensive history of the planes, excellent references for modeling and very interesting as reading material for airplane buffs.

    The list seems to be getting a little shorter. The XB-51 book was on it when we started that project but now it's gone, and there may have been a couple others that disappeared, so grab what you want now.

    Here's the link:

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    Tanks! That site looks pretty good.

    Ah browsing we will go.....


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