Beech D-18 ADF - Center Digit Issue
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Thread: Beech D-18 ADF - Center Digit Issue

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    Beech D-18 ADF - Center Digit Issue

    Wondering if anyone knows how to adjust the center digit on the D18's ADF. The two knobs do the first and last digits, but so far, I haven't found a way to change the center number.


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    Don't have the aircraft myself but some ADF units would have one of the knobs be a dual-purpose one, pulling it out and turning to change one number, pushed in and turned for another - is there a click-spot in the centre of one of the knobs?
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    I've actually tried all the usual normal click spots and different mouse usage on the dials, but no go. I think I send a note to Carenado asking about it. Was hoping it was just something goofy I wasn't seeing but thank you for the response anyway.


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    Depending on your interaction mode, you might try this: Hold left click over the wheel, then tap right click while still holding left click, then try spinning the dial. I'm not in a position to test that out at the moment but it's worked for me in other aircraft and possibly in this one.

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    All you have to to do to change either the center or right digit is left click on the end of the small knob, once (you'll hear a click and see the knob slightly push in and out). Then rotate the knob. Clicking it again will change it back to the other selection/digit.
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    That's what I thought should happen but wasn't having any luck. Just got a note back from Carenado and there is an unusual added step. To adjust the center digit, you first left click and hold on the center knob and then right click while still holding the left. That changes the center knob between in and out.

    Thumbs up again to Carenado on a quick response to a question. As long as I've been buying Carenado aircraft, any time I've sent a note to them, they've responded very quickly.


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