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    Thinking about getting a Gaming Laptop to replace my Desktop. I have shopped around I looked at a number of Laptops by the well known Manufacturers(DELL,HP, ACER ect.) My budget is limited so I can,t afford buying one that priced over 800 Dollars. I play all the Older Flight Sims(CFS2, CFS3, IL2 Series) on my Desktop and they play great on it. My question is this. Is the Built in Monitor/Display on the New Gaming Laptops good as or better that having a separate Monitor? I have read some Reviews on some of the ACER Laptops that complained about the poor quality of the Intel Graphics Processor,while other Reviews say nothing about any problem with getting a High Quality Display when Gaming. I know the Newer Laptops have GPUs(Nvidia or AMD) for Gaming. Any input or advice on the above would be appreciated.

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    I've played CFS, CFS2, CFS3, FS9 & FSX and a lot of other sims (Silent Hunter 3, IL2FB, etc.) on laptops for over 15 years, as I'm on the Canary Islands in winter. Never had any problems, but the maximum screen you can have is 17". Is good enough for me, if I want a bigger screen sometimes I use a pocket-beamer and play on the wall. The problem with nowadays laptops is that WinX isn't fond of older games like CFS2 and I have no idea what WinXI will bring.


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    I need one too;thinking of getting this. Hoping to run dcs and il2 great battles on there

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    What is important for me is the amount of USB-ports. As most of my flightsim-stuff is on external HD's, 3 is the absolute minimum: 2 for the separate HD (1 for data, 1 for power) and the 3rd for my Thrustmaster joystick. And 8GB RAM will manage, but 16 would be preferable. And as I still have all my sims on DVD's, an external DVD-player is also a must. The least laptop I had was MSi, technically very good, but the housing is rubbish.


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    Icon5 Gaming Laptpos

    Still looking for a Laptop under $800. Still reading reviews on HP, Lenova, Acer and still finding just a many critical reviews as positive reviews. Dell Gaming and Cyberpower Units are still too expensive for me. Having a lot of trouble deciding on any one of them. My Old Cyberpower Win 8.1 Desktop still runs my Flight Sims and Space Combat Sims great, but I plan on moving and having to lug my Desktop to a new Location dos not thrill me. A Laptop will take up less space and I plan on getting a small Printer and portable DVD Drive also. It's just that finding a suitable Laptop is difficult, given what I've read
    Any guidance or insight on this is appreciated.

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