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    The C-130 project took a lot of time up, but I think it turned out to be a very good pack that got put out. But since that's been released now I've got back to work on updating the FSN AT-802. A ways back I was able to get permission through a contact to update the 802s. The updates largely initially, were to remap the wings so that more accurate liveries could be done for them. Since the mapping was mirrored and specific markings and such could not be properly applied to the wings or they wouldn't appear properly. That has since evolved into a more substantial exterior update. Being as the FSN 802 is the only version available. I decided to take on the task of adding my PBR treatment, and what will end up being mostly a complete overhaul. The only exception being the panel. Which is outside of my knowledge base to attempt to fix/update. So the proposed package will have 4 aircraft within it. The conventional geared 802 and the amphibian. But I will also be adding the 2-seat versions as well as seen in the development pictures below. Currently these are all WIP photos and don't represent the final aircraft. There's a lot of work that still needs to be done with them. There will be overhauls to the exterior model and addition of PBR, 2-seat versions added, updated flight dynamics, updated sounds for the PT-6 turboprop engine, and a few other bits to help update it. A lot of people have requested this and I'm glad to finally get around to doing it for the community. As of this week the work is still progressing well on them. These are only the firefighting variants. I am not planning on the spray versions. Liveries aren't finalized yet. But the release is planned to at least have liveries for US, Canada, Australia, and a few other EU countries. The original repaint pack I released for them will be re-released at some point updated for the new parts/updates.


    AT-802F-2 (2-seat variant):


    AT-802AF-2 (2-seat variant):

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    Need Info

    [QUOTE=Scorch00;1301112]Blue Air Training now has a ship for the pack. I likely wont do many more repaints. But each version will have a with and without tanks option.

    Where can I get it??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorch00 View Post
    Blue Air Training now has a ship for the pack. I likely wont do many more repaints. But each version will have a with and without tanks option.

    Where can I get it??
    The OV-10D+ has been shelved for the time being. A number of other projects are ahead of it. A number of things will change with it also as I've learned a considerable number of things to help improve the quality of the version when it is released.

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    AT-802A Ag Workhorses:
    I'm back to working on more things for the AT-802s, I will share some development photos later, but the firefighting versions of it were released some time ago on here. I am back working them to create the Ag versions with a couple different equipment versions of the single and 2-seater. They will have the traditional spray bar system as well as the seed spreader and the assorted equipment externally for the ag versions.

    Sikorsky S-61N:
    There are several different versions of the SH-3/S-61As around, but there weren't any of the larger younger sister helos the N models. Going back through my old hard drives I did happen across my small Hovercontrol file storage I had. And as luck would have it, it had several versions created for the S-61N airframe by David Hardcastle. So, to bring them from FS9/very early FSX, I am converting them to the P3D standard. New mapping, PBR, and lots of bits have been added, adjusted, modeled, and attached to several versions right now. Now I am currently only focused on the firefighting fixed gear variants of the S-61. Maybe at some point later I can maybe work this into the remaining versions I have in the archives. I'm not sure entirely how many external models I'll do for the fire versions, but currently. I already have 6 of them with an assortment of external equipment/tanks. Seen below are some of them with most of the new things added and updated to them. I wanted to give them a good once over to hopefully reintroduce them to P3D. So far, they are looking mighty fine if I do say so myself. Still a lot of stuff to do with them.

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    Great work on that S-61 and it doesn't look that bad given her age. I trying to figure out MCX more on the AI conversion side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victory103 View Post
    Great work on that S-61 and it doesn't look that bad given her age. I trying to figure out MCX more on the AI conversion side.
    It really doesn't, the updated 4k textures, bump maps, and addition of PBR really does wake them up quite a bit. I was pleasantly surprised. MCX is a great tool I feel. It's served quite well for a lot of the stuff I've been able to do with aircraft and scenery. Combining it with Blender, has been my bread and butter for getting stuff done. Once you figure out how to use it that is. There's a ton of tinkering with it to learn it.

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    I haven't done a lot of updates on any of the projects I'm working, but rest assured there's been progress and more added. There are several others not listed, but these are the 3 main projects I'm going to be working on in the comping weeks/months.

    The agricultural variant of the AT-802 is likely going to be released before the end of March I'm thinking. I'm sure a lot of people will be looking forward to that. But that project ended up being considerably larger than I anticipated. Largely due to the addition of more functional things to make it very close in function to the real Ag 802s. Night lighting was overhauled to allow for night spraying as well as incorporating things that work with Lorby's CropDusterX. Liveries have also been finalized, modeling work will likely be completed late this week and then cleanup and getting it ready for release. The 802 is a cooperative project and will be released in parallel on FSX as well as P3Dv4+. I will release the P3D version while the other partner in the project will release the FSX variations.

    Sikorsky S-61N:
    The S-61 project has stayed relatively stagnant while work on the 802 advanced. Largely due to most of the work remaining on it being minor possible model adjustments and the remaining liveries. Currently, there looks to be possibly 15 liveries spread across 5 or 6 model variations of the S-61Ns. I will be including a couple external tank versions as well as a clean slick version for those wanting it, but not necessarily for firefighting operations. The S-61Ns have a lot of external updates, including PBR, 4k textures, rotor stow straps, bump maps, and added in dynamic rotor flex for them,

    *Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk*:
    This is a new addition to the model line up I'm working on. I gained permission from Jagl04 to modify his mod of the CeraSim UH-60L that created the S-70 Firehawk. Many thanks to Jagl04 for his permission! The CeraSim product will be required still for this mod as well. Being the Firehawk has become increasingly used in aerial firefighting in the western United States, several variations of it now exist. 10 Years ago only Los Angeles County Fire operated the Firehawk. Now 5 more agencies across California operate the platform. Cal Fire, San Diego Fire, Ventura County Fire, and Santa Barbara Fire and the Orange County Fire Authority. Lastly the 7th operator became the state of Colorado. All of which use similar external equipped Firehawks, but some are equipped differently. So this resulted in my attempt to try and make those variations of them. I plan on doing all the current liveries being used on the Firehawk across all those agencies. The Firehawk is indicative of a certain modified UH-60/S-70 Blackhawk. These modifications are done by a combination of United Rotorcraft and Kawak Aviation Technologies. It is different than other firefighting Blackhawk helicopters. As it has a specific landing gear and 1000 gallon external tank fitted to it along with multi-role mission equipment such as rescue hoist, FLIR, and NVG capabilities. I will be teaming up with another community member here to tackle all the liveries. As we both have done previous livery work for the Firehawk mod. This likely will be put out before the S-61 as there is more work to still be done on the S-61 compared to the Firehawks. On top of the external modifications I will also be adding PBR to the models too for use in P3Dv4+.

    PBY Catalina/Super Cat:
    This project sprang up in interest because fire versions of the Catalina do exist. But there was not a comprehensive package that included all of the main configurations used in aerial firefighting. There were 3 main versions used in firefighting. The PBY-5A, PBY-6A, and PBY-5/6 "Super Catalina." The Super Cats as they were known, were special versions produced by Steward-Davis and used largely for aerial firefighting. They had specially modified fuselages and removed the Catalina's R1830 engines for the R2600 found on the B-25 Mitchell. Raising the Cat's performance by 1000 horsepower and more streamlined fuselages. The PBY-5As with the Super Cat mods had a specially modified vertical stabilizer to account for the extra torque created by the newly installed R2600s. The PBY-6s did not need the tail mods as they already had enlarged tail surfaces stock from Consolidated. So these fire configurations will largely be done on the old alphasim PBYs. A complete revamp of the model is being looked at currently. Including a completely new texture map for the models to allow for considerably better repainting of the aircraft.

    Firehawk WIP Shots:

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    AT-802 Agricultural variants have been uploaded here on SOH and elsewhere. Both for FSX and P3D. The project was heavily delayed as my PC died in the early part of March. It's taken me a bit to replace it and recover most things from the old PC and move them to this new one. Not everything was saved. But a good portion of it was luckily. Development resumed again the first week of April. Now that the 802s are out in the world. I have gone back to updating firefighting aircraft.

    And that next project as presented previously is an update and expansion of Jagl04's fantastic mod for the Cera Sim UH-60L Blackhawk. With his permission I've created several new models that now exist as "Firehawks." The Firehawk designation is uniquely tradmarked by United Rotorcraft for their modification kit to the Blackhawk helicopters that adds a gear extension kit, 1,000 gallon water tank with retractable snorkel, and all sorts of other multi-role mission equipment. Back when the mod was first released, only Los Angeles County Fire used the Firehawk. Now, not only has LA County expanded the number of aircraft it has, but 5 other agencies in California alone now use them and/or are acquiring more of them. Colorado has also joined in purchasing Firehawks. My plan for this pack is to cover all of the current or soon to be used variants of the Firehawk. The agencies that will be covered in the pack will be Cal Fire (all 13 aircraft) LA County Fire (all 5 aircraft), Orange County Fire Authority (2 aircraft), San Diego Fire Department (1 aircraft), Santa Barbara County Fire (1 aircraft), Coulson Aviation (1 aircraft), California Army National Guard (1 aircraft), Ventura County Fire (2 aircraft), Colorado Department of Forestry Prevention & Control (1 aircraft). So a lot of aircraft, 27 total. Community repainter "Delta" is also assisting in adding all of Cal Fire's 13 aircraft for this pack. The models added all represent the versions now operating as Firehawks. The S-70A, S-70i, S-70M, UH-60A, UH-60 L, and HH-60L. The mod by Jagl04 remains largely unchanged overall, just a few cosmetic changes, remapping of the Firehawk tank and bits, and the addition of PBR and the slew of different external configuration models.

    LA County Fire C-16 (N160LA) S-70A:

    Orange County Fire Authority C-1 & 2 (N411FA and 412FA) S-70Ms:

    Ventura County Fire C-4 & 5 (N60VC and 70VC) HH-60L:

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    Thanks for continuing to upload these and sorry about your computer woes!

    I tried your new Ag models over the weekend and they are very nice. They did cause a name conflict and sim crash at first because I had installed one of the Ag repaints that Eli uploaded last December and you used the same title, but once I deleted that, everything went fine. You might want to include a note in the readme about that. Otherwise they feel great and the cockpit holds up well in VR.


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