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    MSFS Caproni C22J

    couldn't find a reference to this aircraft for MSFS but it is available here - simMarket: MARIO NORIEGA DESIGNS - CAPRONI-VIZZOLA C-22J VENTURA MSFS

    here is some more information on the aircraft including a comprehensive POH - Caproni C22J (

    it is inexpensive but looks, flies, and sounds pretty good - if you fly it you must use the spoilers, along with the flaps, to land it properly
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    there was another thread but it didn't see much action:

    It's a great addon and a ton of fun to fly, really can't recommend it enough.

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    agree 100% - terrific aircraft to fly in MSFS.

    I should note that the interior on my aircraft is from the thread in the official forum - offered there and not as yet from
    I don't know if the author still has it up there or not and the interior panel and upholstery options are not drag and drop- they overwrite the corresponding files in the C22J package and have to be installed 'manually'
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    Yeah, got it here also and if flies great. I think it's worth the price for sure.

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    Have to recommend this..great aircraft to fly..ideal for sojourns around the local countryside or over a city..a fun little personal jet .. the Developer has hinted he will upgrade the panel graphics also.. also landing can be a challenge as it uses glider like braking to reduce speed enough to land. The cockpit view is low enough that your sense of speed is greatly exaggerated.

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    Version 1.1.6 Changes:

    • Sim Update 6 Compatibility
    • 4K Textures (including bumps and PBR)
    • 3D detailing improvements (can you find them all?)
    • Elevator Trim 50% more responsive
    • Minor sound system adjustments for Wind, Airbrake and throttle levers, brakes.

    Fixed bugs:

    • Altitude alerter sound is now tied to its electrical ciruit
    • Minor 3D model fixes.
    It's also on sale at simmarket:

    This aircraft is better than a lot of payware that is 5x the price, now on sale for less than $10. If you've been waiting to pick this one up, now is your chance!

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    I give, just bought it. After all it was on sale...

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    Just picked this up myself. Lots of sound effects. Lots of wind noise. Does not climb very fast and it will get into a spin quickly at the slightest stall. Kind of interesting. The price is perfect for this one.
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