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Thread: FSDS v3.5 installer

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    FSDS v3.5 installer

    Help please!
    I'm finally having to make the move to a new Windows 10 PC. Unfortunately I've lost the FSDS 3.5.1 installer package, although I still have the email from Abacus support with the link to download and licence info (from 2009). I've only recently discovered that Abacus are no longer in business, so I can't go back to them for help. Does anyone have the FSDS 3.5.1 installer? If you do would you please, please send me copy. Hopefully the licence info I got all those years ago should still work. My email is ********
    Dave Hanvey

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    Haven't received it, yet. I think gmail may filter out 'suspect' files. But as I said in email, all sorted now anyway . Thanks for helping.

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    Gents, please don't show actual email addresses in open forum, unless you really want more spam than a Monty Python sketch. Just sayin'.

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