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    Where in the world ??...

    This beautiful picture here underneath is the first thing i see when i wake up my computer. A wonderful sight to see isn't it. Got it for a couple months now and i can't help feeling that i'm looking at a number of Caribbean islands but i am not sure. I'd really love to know of course. I have been Googling Earth for a while around the Caribbean but so far without any result of a matching image.

    On the island right of the bigger island, at the very front (as seen from this position) there is a light, strait line that could be interpreted as a runway ?... Much like the situation at the dutch island Saba and even Madeira with its Funchal airport. At the right side of the bigger island a runway can also be seen (possibly...?) running from one end to the other. I can't help the feeling that i have landed there sometime, in that kind of situation (virtually that is, naturally..;-). So maybe it's not the Caribbean at all but maybe somewhere in Asia ? Japan ?

    Anybody outhere that can help me out ?.... Maybe 'knows the situation by heart' ??...

    I'm almost sure the outcome will make me go " Aha! Of course!! " ;-)

    Thank you so much on forehand !

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    I'm thinking that's Australia, off of the East Coast. I think it's Hamilton island in the Cumberland islands, where the airport is located.

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    Bingo!! Aha!! Of Course!!

    Well, not really, for me Hamilton Island doesn't ring that much of a bell, but you sure nailed it, Sundog ! Thank you very much !!

    Now that you have proven it is Australia the possible Tiger Moth ( maybe Waco..? ) we're flying here makes also much more sense than if the scene was in the Caribbean area.

    Thanks a lot again, Sundog, really very nice to finally know what i am actually looking at ! Once i can find the whereabouts of my brand new C170B it will be great fun to check out the wonderful photo 'for real' ! ( i bought the new Carenado Cessna via FSMarket but i just can't find it in my hangar... )

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    That is exactly the image I have on my work computer as a permanent welcome screen. The wings could do with a few more polys....

    By the way, Hamilton Island is (by Oz standards) just up the road from where we are.

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    Trying to recreate that picture using MSFS and maybe Carenado Waco would be a nice challenge

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    This could well be the aeroplane in question or one very like it. This apparently taken at Caboolture, Queensland, in 1999 of a new-build Waco. Caboolture is a shortish hop from Hamilton Island
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Classic-Waco-YMF-5-MLX-Caboolture-22.8.99-DCE-KOM.jpg 
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    Beautiful aircraft but I don't think it's a Waco in the screen shot. The aft set of flying wires don't match (should be double) and the aircraft in the photo is not an "N" strutter.

    This would also make a good "what is it?" to go along with the "where is it?"

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    By the shape of the strut and that horizontal brace between the wires, I'd guess at a Tiger Moth.

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    Not an attempt to be exact.....
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    Yes, it's a Tiger.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Whitsundays Tiger.JPG 
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    Operated by Whitsunday Tiger Moth Adventures.

    Unfortunatey she suffered what is thought to be a bird strike and force landed on Funnel Bay near Airlie Beach. Nobody was injured thankfully.

    I believe they are now operating a Yak52 on aerobatic adventure flights in the area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrZippy View Post
    Great site, MrZippy ! Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Duckie View Post
    This would also make a good "what is it?" to go along with the "where is it?"
    I was thinking that too, Duckie.. ;-) At first glance i was also thinking Tiggy. The sloping strut ends does it for me. Hoping we'll get an MSFS goodies one some day (soon..;-)

    Quote Originally Posted by dvj View Post
    Not an attempt to be exact.....
    I get that but you're coming in pretty close ! ( maybe a bit more haze ?...)

    Quote Originally Posted by bazzar View Post
    Yes, it's a Tiger.
    That's just great, Baz ! Thanks, mate !

    If it'll prove Anthony (Ant's Airplanes) will let MSFS slide, you can bet your bottom Aussie dollar we Tiggie lovers will come a-knocking on your AHA! door ! ;-)

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    Be careful what you wish for....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazzar View Post
    Be careful what you wish for....
    Always !

    What feels like a hundred years ago i asked Rob and Sean (RealAir) to develop a Spitfire which they initially declined (we make strictly civil models) but the rest is history anyway... Furthermore I also asked Carenado to further develop their wonderful Bonanza into a T-34 Mentor. Who could think they were already setting it up.. ;-) I also asked around for a FSX radial DHC-3 Otter without any result so i started developing my own. Not even half ready, just out of the blue, you guys released one and a little time later here comes Milviz with another radial Otter. For years only Beavers and now, all of a sudden, 3 Otters all at once ! How about that for a deep wish, éh ?.. (never finished my own..;-)

    I was also 'on the other end of the stick': I was asked by Milviz' Colin NOT to develop our freeware FS9 F-86F Sabre model for FSX. ;-)

    A Tiger Moth with all the MSFS Bells & Whistles is indeed a big and careful wish, Barry. I know you love that Tiggie too and, i don't know, but, i seem to deffinately read something in between that line of comment of yours... Hehe...Here's to the Tiggie !


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    What I know Ant's Airplanes wants to bring his Tiger Moth to MSFS, I'm a bit surprised he hasn't done it yet with his Standard version (Pro probably requires more attention and without full SDK and finished MSFS its impossible perhaps).
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    Quote Originally Posted by YoYo View Post
    What I know Ant's Airplanes wants to bring his Tiger Moth to MSFS, I'm a bit surprised he hasn't done it yet with his Standard version (Pro probably requires more attention and without full SDK and finished MSFS its impossible perhaps).
    Both Ant's Tiggies work fine in MSFS, more or less, naturally. It's the sound of the Pro version that doesn't work. I just copied the sound folder of the freeware version into the Pro and that works fine too. They are wonderful models already of course but to see them in all glorious MSFS bells and whistles would be another dream come true !

    You probabely know that AH knows its way around the Tiger Moth as well, both for FS9 and FSX ( remember ??...;-) So there's atleast two candidates to possibly deliver an MSFS Tiggie. And if they'll both deliver no problem with me. Never enough Tigers ! Bring 'em on!

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