changed my email - broke MSFS
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Thread: changed my email - broke MSFS

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    changed my email - broke MSFS

    I guess I'm done. Stupid software that is rendered useless because I had to change service providers and my email account is just too ridiculous even for me.

    After spending hours in a chat session (useless undertaking) I was told to uninstall MSFS - then log out of the Store - then reinstall MSFS - then log back in - then start MSFS.

    That made things worse. Zendesk says to log back into the Store with the old original email that I purchased the sim under - but when I put in the new I deleted the old. I do not have that and I deleted it from MS and the Store when I put in the new one.

    What is this garbage. I changed my email address. I still have the receipts.

    Even if this is rectified (who knows how long that will take) I feel like I shouldn't be a party to this kind of BS - that it just gives corporations license to be stupid and infuriating
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    Join me in DCS man...
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    I recommend seeking a solution over at the official forum where there is staff equipped to actually help you. In the meantime, please keep this thread polite. I don't want to have to close it.

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    I can't believe you don't remember the old email address.

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    it wasn't a question of remembering it - I needed to change it. Our ISP is changing and I could not keep the original.
    What I have learned is to use gmail or another similar that does not rely on any one ISP.

    The other thing I learned is that when you set up your Windows account login, the email address is used as a key by ALL other Windows apps, services, and networks including the cloud.
    ..and that when you change one - YOU have to change them all - even though Windows establishes the ORIGINAL as a key.. Windows does not then do the same thing for the new one.. especially the cloud service connection.
    So while you might have updated your MS Store account, you still have to update xbox live, Windows proper, plus a handful of other related services and apps - and then reconfigure the cloud connection.

    The other key thing to remember is that even though you see your new email listed properly under your account profile in each of these services they may not have been reported to the 'mothership' and until that happens through all of the server connections and into the cold steel heart of MR Softy
    you may not be able to launch MSFS - or if you can - you might not have access to the Marketplace or content manager for a day or two. Also - every time you load the sim - you might have to go through and re-enter all of your settings in the GUI because they aren't being saved to the cloud until then.

    This was funny because the Windows chat rep First told me I had to uninstall MSFS - Then asked me when I had changed my email, and when I told her I had done so within the last hour or two was when she told me it can take up to 48hrs for everything to sync into Bill Gates' A$$

    Pretty funny to read that as I'm facing a solid 2-3 hours of work reinstalling everything...unnecessarily
    I politely suggested she LEAD with that information next time.

    The bottom line here is that it is fixed - no thanks to Windows or MSFS zendesk at all.

    Note to TC - I was redlining when I opened this topic here so I know the tone and tenor of that post was a bit hostile - sorry for that. I just thought that if anyone is considering changing their email or is switching ISP providers this could serve as a warning that the process is a bit lumpy - Also that using a non affiliated Gmail or Outlook etc is probably better than using an ISP hosted account - for Windows
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    heywood, if you have an XBOX and a windows account using the same email such as the @outlook, it will autolink all your stuff in one place, with Xbox live gold etc. MSFS then becomes just another title in your list of games. There is a big advantage in using the external ISP free email. Sorry you had to go through that.
    Commercial AS/MEL & Instrument
    Certified Airplane Nut
    Gigabyte AORUS Master X570 MB, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X,
    Noctua Chromax Black NH-D15, 32GB Trident Z Neo 3600, RTX 2080 Super, WD 1TB SN750 NVME, Win 10 Pro 64, SeaSonic Focus Gold 850W, Fractal Meshify S2.

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    Sure glad I've always used Outlook. Same email for over 20 years. The kiss principle at work.
    Glad you got it fixed. I had to do a reinstall the other day. Cloned my MSFS drive to double it's size, and put it on an M2 for speed. Ran into the "your organization does not allow you to put that file here" monster. Took ownership of all the folders, UAC off, beat my head on the wall for hours. Gave up and did a reinstall. Microsnot fun.

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    I've owned the "tclayton2k" handle since before Y2K, and had it on gmail since it became available to the general public. Had "Road Runner" email as my main account for a while, but still maintained the gmail. It's all I use now. I also have the same handle on Yahoo, but I never use it. In fact, I just logged into it for the first time in more than a year, and I don't even have any spam there.

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    There's provision for changing your email, you're not locked in by any means. It's just that all your purchases and licenses are tied to the account. So you want to change the email on the account, not delete the original account. It's like any electronic purchases, such as buying downloadable planes, purchasing games from Steam, signing up for a streaming video service... The ownership is tied to the account, but you can change the email associated with that account.

    Glad you got it sorted out!

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