Student Pilot Makes an Emergency Landing
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Thread: Student Pilot Makes an Emergency Landing

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    Student Pilot Makes an Emergency Landing

    The final harrowing moments of pilot Brian Parsley’s first solo cross country flight on May 22. The problems began 12 miles out from the airport. At first he thought that “carb ice” was causing his engine issues, so he took “appropriate measures” to deal with it. That included starting his plane‘s onboard camera so he could show an instructor in case it happened again. That’s how he captured the nightmare that followed when he lost power to the single-engine Cessna 150 plane as he neared the airport.

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    Thanks for posting. Ace flying made all the better for the rubbish music.......


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    He picked a nice big field for his landing. If they fix the engine in place he can easily fly out of there.

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    Looks like he is terrified, his hands are shaking badly. Good job of keeping his fears under control and flying the airplane.
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