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Thread: MSFS Update 5 Nearly Doubles FPS - July 27th Release

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    If they drop XML it's going to present a LOT of problems for everybody including developers. Anything with XML gauges for example, is not going to work and will probably crash. Our Cessna for example uses an XML autopilot so we have to change. There are add-ons out there (payware) that use XML gauges and they will have to be changed. Although the work is a bit of a headache I am more annoyed at the fact that we were given no prior notice by the developers. So much for co-operation being a two-way road.

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    FYI. The problem of XML seems to have been resolved after all. Here is the new news from Dino's FB, they recived new version and looks like now its ok again (so maybe this fix will be Tomorrow also):

    **** FURTHER UPDATE ON SIM UPDATE 5 COMPATIBILITY ***Credit where credit is due, and contrary to the communication from Microsoft we have received on Thursday, we have received a further update on the developer test version of Sim Update V. After a quick test, it seems to solve all the problems with legacy XML code of the previous test versions - early test indicate that all of our aicrafts work as intended. While it is not clear at the moment if the version that will ship on 27/07 will include these fixes or not... but in the latter case it seems reasonable to think that a fix will be released soon.
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    Encouraging yes but for how long... the SDK has shown legacy code under modeldef since the last update. We'll see I guess but really, some proper clarification for developers would be nice without the cloak and dagger stuff. As I say, it is a two-way road and a year down the track we are all still guessing.

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    Update is installing for me. Moved my Community folder out of the way for the update. 349 MB in Steam was very fast, around 40GB (40.29 GiB) in MSFS will probably take a while, even with my 1GBit/s connection. I guess the unpacking takes longer than the actual download. Well, see you on the other side!
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    The individual package files actually unpack pretty quick if you watch them pop in and out of the Official folder. The servers are being hammered because MS/Asobo decided to launch the Xbox release on the same day that millions more PC users are downloading the updates. Those servers are probably producing enough heat to power a small city right now.

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    Probably right 90% now.
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    I calculated that my update time, based on total size and download rate, would be about 2 hours and 16 minutes. With the pauses for decompression, it ended up being 2:26 - not far off! Now I'm on to the Content Manager for six updates. All five previous World Updates are getting refreshed, along with my Deluxe Package. What's getting updated in that last one, I have no clue. The main update included liveries for planes in the Premium package, which I don't have. I guess I'll check to see what was written according to the folders' timestamps. This round is just short of another 21.5GB, so I'm looking at another hour and a quarter if speeds hold like the last round.

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