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    We have a great USSR side to this campaign. Has anyone made a Japanese response to the Russians Massive attacks? I am having a great time with this campaign. If anyone has done any new work on this campaign please let me know. Thanks.

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    It is great to see that you took the time to praise my work. Believe me, it is quite a compliment! I appreciate it. Unfortunately, I have little or no interest in doing Axis sides of my campaigns. There are some very talented mission / campaign builders out there, who could pick up the torch, though and I encourage them too.
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    There actually is:

    This is the original campaign by Xavierb that Shadow Wolf 07 based his version on, although he designed all of his own missions for it, as well as adding a couple of airbases. For this, you fly as a pilot in the Japanese Army Air Force (IJAAF)

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