Manchester Vulture Engine
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    Manchester Vulture Engine

    I have downloaded and added the New Manchester Aircraft.

    I know the Lancaster Sound, Merlin Sound, Mosquito Sound and the Hercules Sound but I have never heard the "Vulture Sound?"

    The sound in the Manchester is that the sound of the Vulture?

    If that is the Vulture sound then I will leave it alone.

    Just curious?

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    I would be quite surprised if there are any extant recordings of the sound of a real Vulture engine. It has probably been 75 years since the last time one was run.

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    Thanks gecko.

    I must be getting fussy in my old age!

    The "Gutsey" Sound of the Merlin,Lanc, Hurricane,P38,B17,Hercules stir the blood!

    They may be in the past but what a history!

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