Ian P's Gym/cinema/church for FS9
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Thread: Ian P's Gym/cinema/church for FS9

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    Ian P's Gym/cinema/church for FS9

    I'm told Ian P's Gym/cinema/church for FS9 might be here. Where might I find them ?
    I cannot find them !

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    I always thought ian only worked on FSX, his objects are made with Blender, which i dont think work with 9

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    he told me someone has edited them for fs9 & they're here.

    He sent me his x files & dds. I have converted them to bgls but the dds to bmps are being difficult.............

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    I don't know how many textures there are but in general it is not that difficult.

    Download dtxbmp at Martin Wright's site: http://www.mwgfx.co.uk/programs/dxtbmp.htm

    The program is very simple to use:
    • Open the texture in .dds format
    • Flip the texture including the alphas (vertical)
    • Safe the file in extended .bmp format (dtx3 for instance)
    • after all files have been converted, delete the files in .dds format.

    As you can see not too complex, however when you have to do a lot of files it will take some time.


    (I have checked the library, but haven't been able to find anything which comes close to Ian P's Gym/cinema/church for FS9)

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    Thanks. I have all the software thanks. A chap at FSDeveloper knew what to do & it's fixed. Thanks.

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