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    Azons Bomb

    I have done the following: Added the "Azon" effects to my Effects.xml

    1. fxtextures

    2. Weapons

    3. Edited my lanc.xdp to add the Azon bombs.

    When I open my ETO Theatre and select the Lanc? The Loadout doesnot show the Azon Bombs?

    It has worked before but I had to reload the ETO Theatre and I cannot remember the correct way?

    I am asking for help again

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    Hi rcafmad, you should never have to "reload eto" just to do a simple step like adding a weapon to an install. By the way did you delete the lanc bdp?

    If you use the master effects.xml the azon effects might already be there (downloadable her at SOH in CFS3/Other). New explosion effects dds files go in the fxtextures folder, but other weapon textures go in the shared folder (mind you cfs3 can pick them up anywhere in your install, but it eliminates the possibility of duplicates to have all weapons textures in the aircraft/shared folder).

    If you can't find the new weapon in the loadout section of the lanc xdp, but the install doesn't crash, I would suspect a typo or syntax error in the loadout that you've added. You can use an xml editor to check the xdp. I use Xml Wrench.


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