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    Helping a Friend

    Have this old/good friend of mine who bought and installed MSFS from dvd. He asked my advice about the location of community folder. That was easy to find. Now he lost his MSFS.exe desktop icon to start the program and have no idea where to find it. Unable to use the game...Tried to find a solution in foruns to no avail. Bought mine on MS store so itīs in a complete different place. Have no way to help him. He needs help...thanks

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    Maybe have a look through this topic?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrZippy View Post
    Maybe have a look through this topic?
    Thanks a lot, missed that one, going to advise him at once heīs in dispair

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    If he click on the search bar next to the start button and types in flight simulator it should show up.
    Right click it and he can pin it to the start menu or taskbar.
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    It should be in the apps list in the Start menu under the M's. From there, I'd suggest right-click and then More > Pin to Taskbar.

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