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    Atlanta-Hartsfield FSX 2021

    I went looking for an up to date KATL and found a really nice P3D 2020 over at AVSIM which I downloaded and then with the aid of ADEx compiled for FSX and renamed the CVX and OBJ files and it worked perfectly. I have permission from Joseph Kaiser who with permission did the conversion from the 2016 version to P3D share it when its done. Ed Akridge has added the Delta Hanger properly marked which he created. I am currently with the aid of Google Earth and the Airport chart bringing it up to 2021. The buildings are from FSX default which are well done shapes and textures. That also keeps the frame rates down. Google Earth shows all of the runways, ramps and gates marked with painted boxes on the surface but after creating them in Sketchup and placing them, when I opened up the airport in FSX the fps drops from 28-8 so to verify that I removed the bgls and sure enough that is what happened. FPS went right back up to 28-36 even with the Aerosoft CRJ. I would like to add them if possible if anyone has a way how and not cripple the frame rates. Open to suggestions.

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    Sketchup vs GMAX

    My friend Ed told me that if I had created them in GMAX that there would only be a few triangles/polys in each marking NOT 300 like I found out so I undertook the laborious task of converting them using MDCx/GMAX-FSTools/MDCx and making a new bgl of each and then replacing them. I have finished the North side of runway 8L/26R and am going to test the theory tomorrow. I hope that this does it and its just a lot of work. I now know how to do something like this in the future. I learned the hard way but I learned and that's what counts.

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    KATL Update

    I checked out the new bgls that I replaced on the airport today in FSX and with the default Cessna 172 I was getting 70-80 fps, is that fantastic or what? I will continue replacing all of the old "Sketchup" bgls with the new GMAX bgls and I will post some screenshots and should be able to share this here and on AVSIM that I have permission to do. On my system there isn't a bit of flickering either. For those of us old enough to remember, like Hannibal of A-team said: I love it when a plan comes together!

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    This sounds fantastic. Thank you for the hard work and looking forward to your conversion. It will be great to fly into an updated ATL in FSX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simtech View Post
    This sounds fantastic. Thank you for the hard work and looking forward to your conversion. It will be great to fly into an updated ATL in FSX.
    Its closer today than it was yesterday and lookin' good IMHO. Thanks to the Lord for my talent and His showing me how to use it to share with others.

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    Seems to me that Atlanta has always been one of the fps killers in FSX. An up to date KATL that is not a fps killer would be great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stansdds View Post
    Seems to me that Atlanta has always been one of the fps killers in FSX. An up to date KATL that is not a fps killer would be great.
    That is from CITY of Atlanta, NOT from KATl Atlanta airport. When there is very large city such as NYC or Toronto or so on, it is always FPS killer



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    City Of Atlanta

    Do you find this problem with fps with the Reality Sim Atlanta or the default FSX Atlanta? The Reality Sim sounds fantastic and the price is right $16.50US at Sim Market BUT...if it IS a fps buster I would like to know. On a retirement $16.50 is a lot to spend and then not use the scenery. Anybody have any thoughts on THIS?

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    The Latest Update

    I am still working on KATL successfully thank you Lord. There's too much into this to have it "go south" now. Anyway, I have all of the runway and taxiway markings complete and they are all raised slightly above the surfaces so that it can be used in P3D too. Yesterday I started the gate markings. I was able to find the FAA and ICAO Standards For Airport Markings Publications and verified that I am doing it correctly as well as using Google Earth extensively and intensively. In doing so, I discovered that the taxiways and apron paths do not follow the actual airport on Google Earth so I am correcting them as I go. I have completed the T Terminal gates and that is enough for today. At one terminal a day creating and placing markings, probably will be sent out for beta test by the end of the week.

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    Terminal T is complete

    Last night I completed Terminal T, the first of 8 terminals at KATL with all the correct markings and correct working jetways. I was disappointed that ADEx does not allow alpha-numeric gates as at real airports so although gate 1A is properly marked on the apron, it is in actuality Gate T18. With that in mind I did not try and "squeeze" in T2A, T13A etc but just left their proper markings on the apron as it shows in Google Earth and the FAA airport design publication. I have an unanswered question yet of why some gate apron markings are black backgrounds and why some are yellow backgrounds. The FAA specifies only the yellow background and interestingly they are not mandatory but optional to assist pilots. My friend asked a real life CRJ pilot who flies in and out of ATL all the time that question and he said he didn't know why. We all know the difference with taxiway markings about which you are on and which are coming up which is what he offered but not apron markings. BTW if you want to study the taxi and runway markings and test your self, there is a free course at AOPA.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It was fun learning how to integrate Sketchup-MDCx-FSX/Gmax-Mdcx-ADEx to get this all to come together. It was a real learning experience for me but now that I know what I am doing with it...there are great possibilities. I have even placed the two pass gates on the "vector" roadways from Sketchup models. I also learned how to extract MDLs from a stock bgl in FSX with BGL to XML for the 2 styles of Jetway extensions jfk-jetway01 and jfk-jetway02 from nyc.bgl in NAME in FSX scenery. They were on the original airport and I copied/pasted them but they were not visible so with the help AGAIN of GOOGLE searching I found out why and how to fix it from a thread over at FSDeveloper. I hope that I am not boring you with details but someone else's explanations and answered questions is how I learned to do all of this and I am really grateful. I hope that this will encourage someone who wanted to update or do an airport but didn't know how to start. Lastly for this reply, I laud all of you airport creators here that share your great work for free at SOH and the online FREE download sites like AVSIM. Now on to Terminal A.

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    Like All Good Things

    I have a bad habit of getting carried away when I do an airport to make it TOO realistic at the penalty of fps hits. I have a real world tower from Sketchup though even in GMAX conversion, it cut the fps in half so I replaced it with the original default large tower 01 which is very close. Also I decided not to do the gate markings on the apron because after A Terminal was added that also was a hit with 34 bgls so I removed the T Terminal marking. I still have a lot of taxiway and runway marking bgls in place according to Google Earth accurately placed and the taxiways also added to for more realism. But for now, that is all I am going to do. I have it out for beta testing to be sure I didn't miss anything of make any errors. If it gets the thumbs up I will post a link here next week for you to download and check it out on YOUR system. I hope you all will enjoy it. And of course constructive critism is always welcome to improve it if needed.

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    Here is KATL 2021

    Here is the mediafire link to KATL Atlanta-Hartsfield 2021 for FSX. In P3D I was told it is slow but I was getting 25-35 fps with the Aerosoft CRJ this afternoon and 30-40fps with the default C172 or B737. Let me know here how it works for you or any problems that I need to fix. There are NO gate marks on the aprons because with just Terminals T and A it was getting too slow and there were 4 more terminals to go. I kept all the other Runway, Taxiway and Apron markings in. Enjoy.

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    Just wanted to say thank you very much sir. Looking forward to installing and then enjoying your work.
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